Weekly Wrap up: 8-14th July

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Another week over and that means, that i have another weekly wrap up.

Read this week:
Another Arc filled week from NetGalley c:

Grease Bats by Archie Bongiovanni (Graphic Novel)
My Rating: 5stars
This was a very fun and interesting graphic novel, i kind of just fell in love with all the characters. I adored Ari alot. And the nicknames was so cute ❤

Minus By Lisa Naffziger (Graphic Novel)
My rating: 1 stars
I don’t know what i hoped for but i had no idea what i got myself into it seems and it was’nt for me. I’m not too big fan of thrillers, and it all left me confused. DNF’ed at 53%

The Avant-Guards Vol 1. By Carly Usdin and Noah Hayes (Graphic Novel)
My rating: 5 stars
I loved every moment of it.
It was so cute and adorable.
I need more of it!
I cannot wait until we get next volum!
I want to see what happends with the team and Charlie and Liv ❤

The Centre of the universe by Ria Voros (Kindle)
My Rating: 5 stars
Just wow, this was so emotional, so good. I want to re-read it right away. I’m lost for words, i had so many feels!

Sweep up the ashes by Mary Clearman Blew (Kindle)
My rating: 2 stars
I found the historical facts interesting but other than that it was, meh? i can’t search for a better word. I wasn’t so much interested in Diana nor the other characters around. But the facts made somewhat up for it, i guess.

Wholly Unraveled by Keele Burgin – A Memoir (Kindle)
My rating: 3 stars
It was a very interesting and at the same time, awful read? i mean, how her childhood was and what she had to endure through it, it was painful and i kind of had a knot in my stomach basically the whole read. Sometimes things was left unsaid and i wish bits and pieces were clearer, hence my 3 stars. But i’m glad she’s doing better now.

Ellie’s Rules By Cassie O’Brien (Kindle)
My rating: 3 stars.
It was a very easy fun read, liked Ellie and Mark alot. The Smut parts were alright, not too much, not to little and the story was nice and easy to follow. Though it was very fastphased and the happy ending felt kind of rushed? But i liked the story nontheless.

Where songs replaces silence by Layla Donnie
My Rating: 1 stars
I was intruiged by the description on netgalley, i truly was. But I just, i could’nt like the Main Character, he was cussing basically every sentence and behaved like a child who didn’t get what he wanted. Nothing interested me, at all. i DNF’ed 26%.

Another great reading week, i think. Managed to read 3 graphic novels and 5 arc books on kindle, well some was DNF. But that’s life c:

Current Reading:
Pisces Hooks Taurus (Sign of Love #4) By Antya Sunday
Tamamo the Fox Maiden and Other Asian Stories by Kel McDonald (Graphic Novel)
Harry Potter and The order of the pheonix by J.K Rowling

This wrap up came late again, because i was gone the weekend and didn’t have the time to upload it.

But how did your week go? have you read anything that i have?
What did you think?


Weekly Wrap up: 1-7July

I’ve seen other people doing it for a while and since i’m not putting up every book i review/read on here, i thought it was a great idea to do it myself also 🙂 But the plan was to put it up on sunday, but i wasn’t too much in the mood so i pushed it to today. But you can expect it to come every sunday evening (my evening, since i live in norway, though) So, here we go!

Read this week:
NB! All of these are ARC’s i requested at NetGalley!

Flickers of Fortune by Sherrie. R. Chron
My rating: 1 star.
I Dnf’ed it at 25% because it wasn’t for me, i didn’t like any of the characters or found it fun to read.

Control Freak By Brianne Hale
My Rating: 4 stars.
I loved this book to pieces, my only concern is that it should maybe had had a trigger warning about eating disorder/Anorexia, because sometimes it came very to life and that might be triggering for someone, and i think that is what lead me to give it 4 stars.

The Things i know by Amanda Prowse
My rating: 5 stars!!
As you must have known by now i loved it, and the reason why you can read HERE 😀

The Golden Bride By Kimberly Woodhouse
My rating: 3 stars
It was a bit long some times, but i really liked that Olivia had what’s the saying? bone in the nose? i’m not sure if that’s the right word. But she wasn’t fragile, she was a strong independent woman.

The (Secret) Baby By Leddy Harper
My Rating: 3 stars
I found Kelsey very annoying and that she jumped to conclucion and pushed Aaron away all the time when he tried…. it was annoying and sad. I gave it 3 stars, because it ended good, even though it felt kind of rushed + I loved how Aaron didn’t give up.

SIO by C.A Blocke
My Rating: 2 stars
The book was alright, but i had a hard time connecting with the characters. They were running around all the time, plus James basically threw himself over Michael almost just after meeting him. It was just lots of running around and characters we didn’t get to spend so much time with. So, sadly this book wasn’t for me.

Red Zone by Janet Elisabeth Henderson
My rating: 2 stars
DNF’ed at 40%
I had problems connecting with the characters and didn’t find them interesting, mostly annoying.

Books read this week: 7
Thoughts: Sometimes i might be too nice and give the books 2 stars instead of 1 because i kind of feel bad, and that it might be a «it’s not you, it’s me» – type of thing.

Current Reading:
The Centre of the Universe by Ria Voros (Kindle)
Grease Bats by Archie Bongiovanni (Graphic Novel)
Harry Potter and the order of the pheonix (Audiobook)

What are you currently reading?
How was the week for you?
What do you think about my weekly update? anything you’d like me to remove or add?

Weekly or Monthly wrap up?

I’ve been thinking a little about starting a weekly or monthly wrap up about the books i’ve read and then maybe give links to some i’ve reviewed on the blog. I will rate the books as well and write some sentences why i liked/didn’t like them and also maybe a little update on what i’ve been doing.

But, i’m not sure if i should do a weekly or monthly update? What do you think?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments! 😀

ARCs: The Things i know

I recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review by NetGalley

«You make me feel beautiful» -Thomasina

You know when you just sit back, and feel your heart swell a few sizes Grinch-style and you just loved every part of the book? That is how i feel, right at this moment. ARcs are very hit and miss, but sometimes you hit gold, and for me this was one of them.

«Because life was all about courage, about making the changes that would make you happy, and taking chances, recongnising oppertunities and being the kid of person who just bought the damn shoes.»

This book, this book. It made me cry, it made my heart swell (Grinch-Style). I «watched» how Hitch/Thomsina grew through out the book. She is a person who has a bad cut by her lip up to her nose on one side, and one arm and foot wich isin’t very good. So she feels stuck, scared and possibly a little alone util Grayson comes into her life and shows her that for him she’s beautiful, she matters and that she should find courage and do what she wants.

But also, stand up to a bully. I myself know how hard it is to actually do that. Being bullied over the years by both student and teachers, it’s hard to find a voice and speak… becaue let’s face it…bullies makes us not matter, bullies makes us small and feel useless, pathetic and worthless. But, Grayson saw Thomasina for who she was, her voice mattered, she was beautiful in her own way, and that is extremely important… to find someone who loves you for you and find you beautiful. But also, one who wants to fight for you and support you in the decicion you make and wants a life with you.

I just loved this book so much.
Some memories came to me whilst reading it.
But it also reminded me that i am loved and that my love finds me to be beautiful.

ARCs: The Phoenix Grail

I recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review by NetGalley

I was dragged in to want to read the book because i liked how their cover looked and the summary of the book sounded like. But, this book did not meet my expetations at all, sadly. At first, i was very interested in the prolouge and the building that happend there but we changed scenery and i got confused (note this: you shall see that i get confused lots through out the book). Read further on, on your own behalf. It might be spoilers, and if you don’t like it stop reading.

We jumped right into a scenery where Jamie, is and trying to be a good at his job – but there is this phantoms or monsters of sorts that he can see, and we get no information until later why he can see them: But he dosen’t seem to fear it or question it too much. It is what it is? Regardless of this : Jamie was the character with most character development and basically the only character i truly liked through the book. He seemed to be always true to his heart, speak his mind and he showed emotions.

Next thing that annoyed the heck out of me is, that Alexandrea or Drea as she is called, is just accsepting what she is a heir of sorts. We don’t get a backround where she interacted with Marelynn other than in the prolouge where Marelynn decided that Drea was the child to be the heir. It just seemed like, yeah this was a thing to accsept and we should just agree to it. I wanted more insight like when did she tell her? why? how did she react?

But, we didn’t get that. Instead i feel like it’s pushed upon me so much world building and information i can’t keep up, plus most of the information i didn’t need nor want. I feel like that the information we ge and the things that happends, it is too fast – we should maybe have gotten some more time a page or two to work it out, get to see more of for example Jamie and his friends or that other thing could bee explained in a not so rushed matter. At least that is how i felt how it was.

But i liked that they added that Marelynn had been at the court with Arthur and Merlin and that this was somewhat connected to the Phoenix Grail, but i would have loved to see some «past-memories» or happenings as we see how Marelynn was at the court, how she interacted with Merlin & Arthur. How she came to support them and want the same as they did, so many centuries ago.

I were interested at first, but i got lost and confused with all the world building and too much information and happenings in such short time. This also made it hard to like any of the characters, i didn’t get the time to form an opinion before we moved on to the next scenery, this bothered me a great deal.

I also had some problems where the reality meet fantasy type thing? First of Jamie set himself in danger with «chasing» FakeDrea into the woods, wich ended up suddenly beng a monster of sorts.. and Jamie had times there things happend and he feared for his life, it was like his friend died and it was another monster there…but then, he is actually just standing there – zooming out or something. What is up with that? what dose that help with the story at all? why dosen’t he tell anybody about it? why dose he just shut his mouth about it? I mean, maybe he talked a little about the tentacle fake-drea thing, wich honestly he set up for himself.

The last thing i want to mention is that, sometimes Drea dosen’t accsept how Jamie cares about her and just sometimes is refusing, grumpy cry-baby but sometimes Jamie is also just a lovesick puppy and even though i adore puppy/dogs, that…just ain’t cute. Maybe it is supposed to be slow burning, maybe it isin’t. All i know, this book is not for me.

ARCs: The Friend Zone

I recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review by NetGalley

This was a very cute and easy read for me. I fell in love with all the characters over a short amount of time, espesically Logan who was funny and adorable and made me laugh out loud too many times to count. This book focused on falling in love with each other, espesically when you don’t mean to do so and taking the consequenses of it. But also talking about grief, moving on and those touchy subject and i think it did a good job. I actually hands down have nothing bad to say about it, other than i wish it was more to it.. i wish it wasn’t the end of it, that it was a series, but sadly it is not.
I just went «aww» and snorted a few times i guess. I got wierd looks from my cat, he even turned his butt against me because he thought i was being wierd. But what the hell. I had fun, and the book was fun – a very Friend to lovers type of book that it should be.

Also the character i disliked because of her bitchyness, Daniella. We got to see character devolopment.. a reason for her bitchyness. I mean, she might still be bitchy but she had a good reason for it. Though, one character i started to dislike was Ben, and ugh he was so boring and seriously French movies on a first date? i mean, could have checked if she wanted to see it and idk, plan better? But his plan was to make Danielle jealous so i guess the two of them deserve each other. But you know, you can’t love ALL characters then life would be extra boring 😛

So, i decided to give this book a 4.5. Just because i wanted more here and there.

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ARCs: The Scarecrow & George C

I recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review on NetGalley

Trigger warning: Rape, prostitution and harassment

I’ve seen some different opinions on The Scarecrow and George C both on Goodreads and NetGalley. But for me i honestly liked it, alot. I like that we got to know why Donovan was like he was and kind of got to know his inner thoughts throughout the book. I am not a person to often like first-person writings, because it kind of throws me off, but in this case i liked it. It actually made sense this way. Donovan or Van as we get to know he’s called is damaged, he’s scared and f’ed up because of childhood trauma that made him who he is, a Scarecrow to protect himself from monsters. In comes George C who sees past his Ice Queen/Freeze Pop-ness and wants to.. hang with Van. Not that Van liked it much at first, but in the end the two develop a bond over comic books and 80’s music..and that the two of them are both somewhat damanged and understands that. Ofcourse there is lots of drama wich i am not going to spoil for you now, hehe.

I ended up giving it 4.5 stars because well it had some issues with some people through the book i wrinkled my nose at. But all in all, a great book.

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