ARCs: Just Lucky

I was provided this ARC in exhange for a honest review by Second Story Press & Melanie Florence at

This book gave me all these kind of emotions. I was laughing but the next I was sad, then I was furious and somewhat empty. I felt for her granma, I felt for her grandpa… I felt so much for Ryan..and Lucky.. I wanted to just bring them in for a big hug…and tell them everything were going to be okay. Wich, to be fair it wasn’t even though I hoped. And oh my, Lucky’s mother made me wanna slap her…but also gag and roll my eyes at, damn a more horrible woman you’ll search long for. Ugh. I just can’t.

Lucky ended up in foster care, wich we already know and let me tell you some of these people are a little odd, like too perfect and too…nice you know? Like thei’re hiding something.. and dipping into the book more… they are creeping me out. Seriously. I’m sitting there like “eww.” This book is kind of a rollercoaster ride of the good kind, I just want Lucky to be happy.. because I like Lucky a lot. I’m like yay Lucky is finally happy, and then no… and then something else is happening and I’m just tapping away on my kindle… crossing my fingers for a happy ending! I could’nt put the book down, and  that is saying something! It was lots of things happening by every turn and I loved the book so much from start to finish. It touched so many subjects like racaism, being gay and what comes with it, love, care, demetia.. and more…I just loved it so much… I didn’t want it to be over so fast.  But I am so happy I got to read this particular book.

I gave this book five stars.

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  1. Oh my god, this book sounds like such an emotional ride, and I’m so here for it? I saw a few reviews of this book, and it’s been on my radar, but you’ve honestly convinced me that I NEED this because it sounds so good. I’m so glad you enjoyed it ❤️ Also, you’re newer than I am to blogging and you’ve literally already posted more reviews than me lmaooo 😂


    1. It was and it wasn’t so many pages! I’m like wow! I loved it from start to finish. You should read it, i’m like. yeah xD haha. Thank you ❤ you're so kind ❤ haha, yeah i try, hihi 😀

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  2. great review ❤

    and again, I’m so!! glad!! you signed up for Netgalley— I’m trying so hard not to put this comment in all caps and somehow I am succeeding in that, though I’m not entirely sure how sdfghjhgf

    also, I didn’t know much about the book upon requesting an arc (the request was accepted!) but now reading this I’m so excited to start it! i’m so glad you liked it 💕


    1. Thankyou ❤

      Me too, aww you are so cute! i want to hug you, but kinda hard through well..the screen, lol.

      Ohh! Congratulations on getting the ARC accsepted! You have to review it when you are done! 😀 I wanna know what you think! ❤


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