ARCs: The Stone Rainbow

I Recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review by Second Story Press and Liane Shaw at NetGalley

What first dragged me to this book was the cover, it was colorful mysterious. I had no idea what it beheld and reading the description I wanted to read it more. So, I dipped in, starting to adore Jack the way he wants to be less afraid, wants to embrace himself and just be himself. Not sure that makes any sense. But being yourself, in this society is hard, because it’s always someone who wants to rain on your parade, so to speak- to be evil, cruel and stomp on you. But back to the book at hand, Jack I think is adorable – especially around the new kid, Benjamin. He’s trying not to be awkward, but somewhat fails and Benjamin is saying things straight out even though it might surprise anyone. Even though that Benjamin is completely out as a gay person and Jack is, well he’s somewhat out, but still somewhat “in the closet” if you can say it like that… he’s scared of what people thinks about it and what reaction and gossips will come of it. Then, further reading I came to love Jack more, care for him, want to hug him and tell him everything is going to be alright, even though I have no idea if that’s the truth or not. When going in to the book I thought his mother was honestly going to be a bitch, but to be fair having a gay son is hard for her, but she’s trying, I know lots of people who’d kick them out and not care. But she tries, even though the gay- thing is hard. But again, I’m rambling…. This book isn’t just all fluff, it has so much… struggling with being out, accidents, scared, loneliness, freaking out over things…. And more. I’m literally at the edge of my seat pushing pages and pages for what’s happening next…. rooting for the main character, Jack to be who he wants to be, and to be proud of it. Damn this book make me feel so much.
I Especially if you didn’t already know it love Benjamin and Jack, those characters kind of placed themselves in my heart, I can’t even explain it. More than I just giggle and grin and make weird noises because that’s what I do. This book needs to be read, simply because “Love is Love” and “kindness rules.”

I think you should allready know, i gave it 5 stars. Because i loved it, so so much.

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