ARCs: The Witch of the hills

I recived this ARC in exhange for a honest review by AuthorBuzz and J.M Fraser at

When i first saw this book at NetGalley it did not give me a «Read me!» Vibe wich most covers usually do. Plus the name of the book gave me a wierd horror- movie vibe. I know, wierd huh? But i decided to check it out anyhow. So i guess you’re thinking, yeah but if the cover didn’t caught your eyes nor did the name of the book, what is left? I tell you, the description is what caught me, because it sounded interesting and cool!

So, what am i thinking? It was a wild, confusing, wierd, adorable funny and sad ride. I think, i liked the book alot. But i felt like that it could have been stretched over maybe 1-2 books, sometimes it happend alot but sometimes i was hella confused and had to re-read the pages, but also sometimes it felt like things went extremely slow and next page extremely fast.. But that said, i really liked the book and it was something else than i’ve read before! I liked Brian and his familiy alot, and the end of the book kinda made me tear up a little. So, i gave the book 4.5/ 5 stars. Because i adored Brian and his determination and Rebecca and her cute-ness c:

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