Review: The Cruel Prince

I’ve heard buzzing of this book for months and been pondering and wondering if i should read it at all, because i was kind of afraid it would’nt live up to the hype. But since some people requested it as a Buddy Read this April i kinda ‘threw myself’ on the wagoon, so to speak. Because when you BR then you kind of HAVE to pick it up, you can’t wait any longer, because you made a commitment to others. Heh.

You know when you’ve finished a book and you kind of want to re-read it immediately? This is that book. I can’t for the life of me understand WHY i waited that long to read it. From the first page i was hooked. I was intruiged as heck. I wanted to know more about Jude, Maddoc, Oak, Vivi, Taryn, Locke and Cardan. I came to hate characters in the book and i came to love different characters in the book, some that i didn’t know i’d love in the first place, that i was a little unsure about first hand. I also suspected a character of not being as nice as the character said it was… see what i did there? I’m not mentioning who. Plus i was shocked of some betrayals, i saw other assasination come and the slow burning love, wich we were given just a little drove me a little bit insane, we didn’t get much, possibly someone will say none at all, but i say the little romance we got was perfect. Not too much, not too little. Just enough to keep me hanging, to keep me wishing and hoping for more.

I roothed for Jude all the way, i never disliked her or found her annoying wich can happend in books such as this. But i found her interesting and crossing my fingers for her succsess. And i believe i will do it in the next book also. Oh, and Cardan has made me hate him, so much that i want to put my foot up his ass, litteraly speaking, but then he turns and make me love him… i want to wrap him in a hug, but i think he’d hate that. Haha. A character i’m somewhat unsure about is Taryn, i mean i see where she comes from, i see why she is how she is… but still, she makes my heart ache and i want her to stop.. this wierd behavior… to be strong. But maybe that’s not her? Who knows. I can’t wait until i get my hands on Wicked King and i hope that we’ll see more interactions of Jude and Cardan.

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7 kommentarer om “Review: The Cruel Prince

    1. It is? Cool! Can’t wait. i allready bought Wicked king c: Cool that it is one of your fav, series. You should do a post about your fav series of all time and then i can read it (remember to send it to be first, muwahah)

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      1. Aw, finals sucks.

        I saw your page and was playing with the idea to make a twitter for reaction when reading and stuff, idk… you who have been in the twitter world, what do you think?

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      2. I’d definitely recommend it! I’ve been a twitter user for years, but have only had my «book» twitter for a month or two and it’s SO helpful. I’ve made so many friends and connections and even joined 2 readathons! I say it’s worth it (:

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