Review: Leah on the Offbeat

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So, after reading Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda i wanted to read about Leah, since she was such a side-character and i wanted and hoped for a book about her. Mind you, i did not know that it would be a book about her before like 1,5 year after and it took me loong time to read it. But i sprang to it, and loved every moment of it. I myself, is a Slytherin by Pottermore and every other test and embraces that and it’s refreshing to see the use of ship, drarry, anime, manga and even DevantArt being used in there. I found Leah a tiny bit annoying but every character cannot be perfect, then they are robots and we do not want that. She has flaws like everybody else. But i loved the book nontheless. I got to revisit Simon and Bram and many others, in general Leah made me giggle so hard how she thought, what she did and a little bit cynical and wanting everything to be perfect, she learned that everything dosen’t nessesarily needs to be that. And i loved it.
So, guess what i gave it 5 stars ❤

Have you read it?

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  1. I’ve never read it since I’m not interested in Simon V.S The Homosapiens Agenda and I’ve heard mixed things about Leah’s book. I’m glad you enjoyed it though, flawed characters are interesting to read about because they are realistic and not every character has to be perfect.

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