The Reading Rush: Day 3

Here’s a day i didn’t actually get to do much reading (for the TRR, anyway). I was reading a bit on the One The Come Up by Angie Thomas, but that is not on TRR-Tbr list though. But the day was spent by the beach and that was lovely! Me and my fiancè traveled to the freshwater beach, it was around 27 celcius in the sun and 18 celcius in the water, it was somewhat cold when we tried to get used to it, but lovely when we got used to it! 🙂 We were there around 4 hours or so, until it got a little cold and we got hungry. Then, we headed home and made some food and i fell asleep.

I did push in some reading of City of Bones, so i got some pages to put up at the reading rush page^^ Pages read: 35
So not bad, not bad!

and, now i shall relax and chill some before bedtime, it’s after all soon 12 PM.

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