The Reading Rush: Day 4

A book with purple on the cover: City of Bones.
Pages read: 411
I finished City of Bones today! Yay! and it also gave me the badge of reading 1000 pages wich is very cool! 🙂 I found myself liking COB Alot! So naturally i have to get the next installment in the series, heh. But i did not read any other books in the TRR, i read a little of a book outside the TRR (On the come up – Angie thomas) But i’m pleased with that.

Dunno how tomorrow will turn out, since we might «flee» to the beach. It’s gonna be hotter tomorrow!

7 kommentarer om “The Reading Rush: Day 4

  1. Congrats on finishing CoB! I’m not a fan of the TMI series but The Infernal Devices is my absolute favorite series, so if you do continue with TMI, I highly recommend TID. 😊

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  2. I’m reading my purple cover book now, but great job!!! It’s been forever since I read TMI series but I’m glad you were able to read CoB

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    1. Ohh, what’s your purple cover choosen book? 🙂 Yeah, i’ve been puttng CoB on hold because honestly i was terrified not liking it. But i honestly did! Even though the characters were sometimes annoying. :p


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