The Reading Rush: Day 5

Today i am ashamed – or not? to say i did do no reading whatsoever. We went to the beach wich took us in a horrid buss driver for over 45 minutes where it was so hot and too many people and came to the beach, a little bit dissapointed. We anticipated it to be lots of people, it wasn’t that – but the water had so much mud and seaweed floating inwards to the beach so we could’nt see anything with swimming googels plus the sand was painful and hot to walk on both on land and in the water. My fiancè went around checking the other small ‘areas’ where one could swim… and *shrudders* he suddenly saw two used condoms, IN the water wich almost hit him. In general the beach was not to our liking that much, to be honest it was so overhyped and ugh. The other beach we was on were much better so we wonder if we’re gonna go there next time. This place was just a hassle and the toilet rooms there were … just ew. Not a place i’d go back to bathe, honestly.

So, yeah. no reading from me :0 shocker.

3 kommentarer om “The Reading Rush: Day 5

  1. Ugh that thing about the used condoms is so gross, I’m sorry you went through that. Some people are so disgusting and don’t give a shit about their environment! 🤢

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    1. It was so gross, my fiancè was like We’re leaving. EW. And my feet did NOT agree with the sand there… one guy apperaently stepped on GLASS. i’m not sure, because he left pretty qucikly.. but lots were gross and ugh.

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