Dewey’s ReadAThon: Part 2 (14PM-2AM)

14:15 PM
I’ve found my yoghurt and are ready to dive back into Carry On! 😀

18:20 PM
I have now finished Carry on, and loved re-visiting Baz and Simon, are now stoked to read nr 2. c: Now i’m actually reading Fifthy Shades of Grey wich is also a re-read for me. So, that’s a 3# book for me, at this read-athon.

23:15 PM
3hours left of the readathon, give or take. And now i wonder about that read-a-thons isin’t exactly for me, i wonder if i thought it would be funnier than it actually was. I mean, i love reading i do, but having a read-a-thon, kind of feels a little forced? and it might have been more fun if i was up at the same time as everyone else or found someone to BuddyRead with. But, i didn’t know before i tried.

02:10 AM
and so came the end of the read-a-thon for me. I managed to get to 74% of the Fifty shades of grey book. So i’d say it was an okay 24 hours, even though i didn’t read full of the times, and wonder if it is for me.

Though i might try, another time. 24 in 48. Maybe. we’ll see.

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