Taking a break

As you guys must have noticed, i haven’t been writing any weekly update or reviews since 4th of august. And i have been extremely tired and had anoxious days. So i’m going to take a break from the blog.

So, i don’t know yet when i might make another review, but don’t worry. i’ll be back 🙂

4 kommentarer om “Taking a break

  1. I definitely noticed you hadn’t posted as much since the beginning of the month, but were hoping you were okay. I’m glad I saw this post on Twitter because for some reason WordPress stopped notifying me about your blog, but at least I only missed one of your posts. I’m not sure how that really happened but I think it’ll work now. Anyways, you should do whatever you think it’s best for you, and sometimes that’s a break. I’ll be reading your posts either way! ☺️

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    1. Aw, thank you ❤ Don't worry, i'm okay. Just anixeity and stress and now school is in session for me, so it takes alot of energy as well. I hope it works, if not i'll always post my posts on twitter 🙂 I'll write again, when i feel like it. ❤

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