ARC: Prom-Wrecked

5 stars c:

“This can’t be happening. I’m Cursed. I’m the Albus Severus Potter of the muggle world” – Riley Hart.

I liked Riley and Cathrine a lot, and the change between them was also pretty fun. Though I kind of found myself shipping Riley with Owen rather than Cathrine, don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with Cat at all. I just thought they’d be cute together. Anyway, this was a very fun and easy read, I was cheering for them to get their morp I – mean Prom! Hehe :p  all the way, and honestly I could’nt put the book down and had to see it through all the way. But then Jordon came in, and I shipped him and Cat so hard. I made internal squeals of happiness. It was just adorable, funny and cute – honestly a perfect read!

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