ARC: Going Dutch

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Hard HARD Pass.
This was just a pain to read. I’ve seen some reviews who loves it and some who don’t. For me this book had an okay writing style so it was pretty easy to follow, and that was technically the only thing i liked about it.

What i didn’t like about it? The Main character Richard goes around complainging and sulking because yes the dates dosen’t go that well, he gets a writers block ect ect and that life isin’t fair. But he complains all the time! And when friends tries to talk to him about what goes on in his life, he attacks – wordly so. Then get upset because they try to care and try to figure out why he’s not in a good mood. I’m sorry, if one don’t want to talk about it, fine. Don’t. But don’t attack ones who want to help you! Though, when Patrick hopes he’s not bisexual i didn’t like him either, because what dose that matter if he was? or is?

And it dosen’t stop there, Enter Anne, friend, work.buddy and one-sided with being in love with him. He’s gay, but still she’s in love with him and dosen’t seem to care about the tiny fact that he’s gay. And she’s needy, and oddly so – and when he dosen’t respond she basically acts as a girlfriend a very needy one who demmands to know what happends ect. Richard dose this thing where he leads her on, knowing how she is – or maybe he don’t see it? But sleeping with someone you don’t love or have romantic feelings for ? He gave Anne hope were there was none..

And Blake, his lover-boyfriend ish. Tried to give him so many chances even though Richard didn’t deserve so with all the move in thing, lying ect. Blake tried to make their future bright and Richard kind of… didn’t? Sometimes very few times, it was light and happy… and then…. not. Richard didn’t treat him good.

I honestly don’t understand why Anne kind of «took him back.» But that’s me.

I just ugh, NO. i gave it 1/5 stars.

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