Review: Love from A to Z


This was honestly beautiful,funny, sad and heartbreaking on so many levels.
I understood and possibly related alot to the the two main characters. Zayneb because of her anger, her frustration and hurt – because she did not want to be silenced. She wanted to be heard, to matter. She wanted not to let the injustice go unnoticed, she wanted something to be done.
I related alot to Adam, because of his fright for telling about the MS, for hurting his familiy – for what it would mean when he put it into words, and also for his loneliness and that he too is strong-willed and despite everything that is happening, he dosen’t give up. He finds a way to smile.

I felt so much for and with the characters, i was angry together with Zayneb, i was frustrated and sad with Adam, together with his familiy. I cried together with Zayneb’s aunt and mother. I growled when in a simple place like the swimming pool Zayneb was shown to be treated badly. And to be honest, i wanted to throw my book into the wall when reading about Mr.Fencer – if it was me, i would have voiced my opinion too, i would have walked out.

Marvel and Oddities... I think, i saw that this was the former name for the book and i think, maybe it should have been that, because of their journals and scribles about alot of the marvel and oddities in the world. I loved those parts alot also.

I gave it 5 stars at Goodreads.

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