Review: Eliza and her Monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters

Don’t you know, there’s monsters in the sea.

Aw man, it’s over! I really want to go back and re-read it right away, it had so much feels, so much heart and soul. Books that love, end up becomming a part of me and this one did also, that. When i got into it, i had no expetations, i didn’t even know what i could find when starting the pages. But i was sort-a- hooked on page 1, i kept reading whenever i could even how tired i was. And that must say something!

Honestly all the characters in their own way, made me feel so much. But i think, i felt and connected most with Eliza, sometimes life gets hard and one might feel guilty for feeling those things and feel like one is letting down so many people…and asking for help, or trying to get help is a big step. I loved the Monsterous Sea art, i’d love for it to become a real comic i could read one day, because honestly i’m a fan, maybe not like Wallace and maybe not like Eliza who’s the mother of this fandom – because i don’t think i can reach up to that level, or maybe i can? But, not just about the mental health issue that the author brought up, to be apart of a fandom, to make things to talk about fandom and it’s society .. Also familiy, how sort of diverce the families was, how they acted, thought – it make them seem real, yes there were some problems on the way, but in what familiy isin’t? And Wallace, he’s so adorable and sweet, i just want to pack him in a blanket and give him hot coca and pats on the head. i could ramble on and on about the book, but i think i’ll stop now.

My point is this: I loved the book with all my heart ❤

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  1. I’m so glad you read this and enjoyed it because it’s actually one of my faves! I could relate a bit to her anxiety, not a lot since her struggles were greater and deeper, but I nonetheless appreciated the representation. 😄

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