ARC: Love at the spectrum

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I requested this at netgalley, because i wanted to see what thus authors take on autism, love and life in general was like. I was a bit sceptical, because i’ve requested so many books i’ve had high hopes for and they just let me down, again and again.

But i am getting ahead of myself. I think i really fell for the book because i see some of myself in Hervè, i hate calling unknown people and i hate it when people call me, espesially when it’s people or numbers i don’t know. It just makes my stomach ache, I also can’t stand lateness in myself or others, so cancelling makes me frustrated or change. I’d rather come superearly rather than late, because i worry about so many factors there, honestly. But, this is not about me – this is about the book.

We follow Hervè and get to see how he was when he was young, how he is now – how he meet Luc, we also get to know Luc and how he is and what life he’s had. This is a story about two men finding each other in sort of impossible circumstances and fall in love with each other and share their lives together. Hervè and Luc has their own struggles and we see how it affect the both of them, and that love is strong no matter what, and i loved every page and seriously wish there where more!

As a added plus, the writing were easy and the flow was so good! I didn’t have a hard time connection with the characters and took an instant like to them.

Seriously, read it!
I gave it 5 stars, and i’d love to give it 5.million. ❤

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