Review: Be The Girl

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I must admit I haven’t read anything by K.A Tucker before and I did not have high hopes for the book. I think it`s because I have had such misses with books lately, but this one was very nice. I really liked the pacing; the story and Cassie was undeniable adorable. I was a bit skeptical about this author`s take on autism, but I think she did it good and I’m glad we got to hear about Emmett and how his feelings and thoughts was about his sister, but also the fact that he loved her for her.  Emmett was the adorable protective type with big brown eyes and nice smile. I am very glad he moved on from Holly – but I am sad to see that it was Aria who had the guts to tell him and no others, when at least some of them knew that Holly was a bad seed. We get to learn about Aria and her struggles, but that doesn’t take up the whole book in a way, it gives us room to breath and to learn about Aria`s likes and dislikes and every day too.

Her friendship with Cassie, is gold. Cassie is just a breath of fresh air, and I am so glad to “see” how Emmett and Cassie`s mom is handling it, she could have been insane about it or making her child a “nutcase” or something to be hidden away/ ashamed of. But she was not, and I am glad the mother Heather took her time to talk to Aria aka AJ about both of her children. Their father seems great too. I feel the ache for uncle Merv, the loss of his wife had been hard on him and being married for so long I’d image it would do something to you. It`s clear as day that he loved Connie a lot, makes my heart fill with warmth and ache if that even make sense. I kind of wrinkled my nose at Aria`s mother, the whole parental control on phone  and all, but she kind of grew on me and I also got to understand why even though I might not agree to that I sort of understand anyway and the fact that she removed her spyware shown that both daughter and mother kind of grew – got an understanding of things too.

I must say though Emmet have some “bad sides” I mean he loves his sister, but constantly believing she will do bad in the world or not be able to live on her own just because she has autism is really sad so that was a minus for me Emmet-wise. But I understand his worries, but I hoped he`d think differently. I know I go back and forth on this. Aria`s secret was… big, something I myself did not expect at all ..but she showed that she has grown, learned from her mistakes, I am a bit sad that only happened in the end but I am glad Aria showed her flaws, her mistakes and owned up to them, understood what she did wrong and even though she could not change what she had done in the past, she tries her best to be the best now. She was brave for telling it to the class and the whole school, she made people stop and think – it is not everyone who`d care or dare to do that.

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