ARC: Once a fallen lady

// Goodreads

I got this book as a kindle ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book is a charming and nice gem.
Here we have Lydia, Annie and Alfred. Lydia who don`t want any fuss, pity or charity even though it leaks through the roof and they barely have any money. Her pride stands in the way of that. This little gem is around 180 pages and have a very nice pacing of the story. Annie is a happy child who loves the school in the village, even though they often are late and the teacher`s huff and puff about it. Alfred who easily fall for Lydia and has his own ambitions and dreams – he wants to help learn the children reading, cooking and solve their problems. He knows that isn`t how it is. But it is a nice dream. One can clearly see that Lydia and Alfred (Mr. Lowe) are in love with each other, but it doesn’t feel like instant love, it grows slowly like a flower in the soil. It needs nurturing and care for it to grow between them. But sometimes one frowns and go? Really! Come on! You love each other!! And I really like that they aren`t perfect, that they admit they have faults tough Lydia`s lie, well that could maybe have been told sooner instead of later, but that is only my opinion. I mean I guess it created more story when she waited, but I am glad she did tell him and that he did not pull away from her because I would have been very sad if he did. Though that is not the Alfred Lowe I know and grow to love as a character. He quickly became my favorite.

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