ARC: Revenge of the Sluts

// Goodreads

I Got this book from netgalley in exhange for a honest review 🙂 

This was actually more interesting and likable than i thought it would be. I was very unsure if i would like it at all. But i actually got some Veronica Mars Vibe going on here and i dig that show even though it ended some years ago and the 4th season i haven`t seen because i`ve spoiled it to myself and i do not wanna watch THAT particular happening. If you have seen it, you know. Anyway, it was really interesting to follow. I kind of suspected a couple of people after a while – but the author also made me sort of frame a certain asshole. It kept me intruiged and entertained for all the pages. So i was wrong. I really really liked it! I also really liked Eden and Atticus. if the author decides to write more about St.Joseph and the characters there i hope they get more «screentime» even though they had some…because their chemestry was so nice and not made overly cute in a way? just slowly took place but it did not overpower the things happening in the book.

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