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I got this EArc from Shadow Mountain Publishing and Netgalley in exhange for a honest review

I shall be honest to say that at first, i was very VERY unsure i`d even like this book. It sounded interesting by the blurb, but i wasn`t sure it was something i`d like anyhow.After a the first chapter… Boy was i wrong, i was so moved it hurt. I felt so many emotions through the book, with Charity. I smiled, i cried, i felt an ache in my chest and stomach for the unfairness and how Charity struggled…but i also felt so much joy when she was heard and seen as a real person not as an object, a thing and a word i really really hate: retard. She grew, found her voice and found friends who supported her and loved her for who she was. I also adored how her parents never gave up on her, that was really beautiful. This is something i think, should be at  school libraries  and teachers should read this one to their students, it might open some eyes and hearts and maybe others will feel seen?


Have you read it? What do you think?

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