Outstanding blog award

https://debjanisthoughts.wordpress.com/https://alittlenerdtoldme.wordpress.com/This is very new to me, but thank you https://groovythoughtsa.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-outstanding-blogger-award-questions.html for the award 🙂 It was very cool to be nominated.
The questions i got:
1.What is that one book that influenced you so much that it changed your life?
Ouf, that is a hard question… i am not sure .. i don`t really have anyone that comes to mind.

2.When and where do you prefer to read?
Everywhere! But i do mostly read in my couch :3 I have a favorite spot there!

3. If you could meet any character- be it real, fictional, or from a movie, or book- who would it be?
I think it would have to be Simon Snow from Carry On, he seems like my type of character :p or Luna, since she`s so nice and odd, like me :p

4. What is your hobby (other than reading) and why?
My hobbies includes gaming (ps4, switch- mostly) and diamond painting. I do it because its so much fun and i get so sucked in haha.

5. Your favourite artist (singer, painter, author, etc.)?
It is so hard to choose, but i think it
wll be BTS!

6. Any dreams and wishes for the world that you want to share? 🙂
To get covid gone!!

7.Any feedback for my blog? 😀
I really like it, ti`s so tidy and nice!

I nominate:
1. https://wittyandsarcasticbookclub.home.blog/
8. https://thecoycaterpillarreads.blog/

My Questions:
1. Your favorite christmas reads?
2. What is your favorite christmas cookies?
3. Do you prefer kindle or phone to read on? and why?
4. What is your favorite song right now?
5. Your favorite reading memory?
6. Do you have any christmas traditions?
7.Do you play any games? If so, wich one? and yes phone games also counts!

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