Survival Kit

// Goodreads

I got this book in exhange for a honest review from the author.

Trigger Warning: Death of an animal, death (human/zombie), different variation of grief,  Parasite and mutation  ect, blood (description) & Cancer.

«Stay alive, ok?»
«you too»

Now, that is out of the way, i normally don`t read much zombie acopalypse books because those i`ve tried to read was meh or just to gory for my taste. This one i really liked. A favorite thing of mine throughout the book was how Shadia adressed Kit as Habibi i found it really adorable, even though they were in a bad situation. How Kit felt about the animal that died it broke my heart honestly, i cried with the character because death of an animal and realizing that it suffered, trying to survive in that world… makes my heart ache. The parasite description and information made me kind of remember one of the reasons i skip watching TWD and the others tv-shows that follows that series, because i have no other words than to say: Ugh. 

I really like the two main characters, but i wish we`d see an input in what Shadia is thinking and why not just Kit, even though i like that we get to know what Kit is thinking and why. Nicholas is insane tbh, «we don`t wanna hurt you, we just wanna talk» is such a villan- clichè line, very typical but effective, i like it. I was were happy for the ending, it couldn`t have been better i think. I hope the author write more LGBT-Fantasy books, dosen`t nesesarily have to be with Zombies but i am glad they did not overpower the book.

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