Au pair in New York

Au pair i New york | Emma McLaughlin | ARK Bokhandel

2.5/5 stars.

Au Pair in New York is an easy read chick lit where we meet Nan who is called “Nanny” because of course she`s an au pair and live with family X, take care of their son Grayer (4) and dose everything else around the house as well. Mrs. X gives a lot of lists and instructions. It Even exists a list with stuff that Grayer can and can`t do. He has lots of activities he must do as well as the things Nan are supposed to do for Mrs. X. Mrs X. seem to have very little time to her son, and that goes for her husband Mr. X as well, he has work travels here and there. It “helps” that he as one on the side, who comes into their home and make herself comfortable and makes Nan do the shopping for her arrivals. Nan’s don`t dare or can`t say anything, so she doses what she`s told. Grayer goes from being a bully to a very nice kid, but in the story, it is understandable when you get to know how his childhood as been so far, where he`s had other nannies who has “left him” and how his life is with his parents.  But he softens up to Nan and ends up really loving her. But she is not there forever, and, in the end, it ends with Mrs. X showing that she`s not happy with how Nan is, that Nan can`t let go of everything and come running every time she is needed. It seems that Nan`s school or life in general isn’t important for Mrs. I kind of want to shove their heads into a wall! They do not care much about their kid; they just go around in their own world of expensive clothes and important stuff all the time. It makes my heart hurt when we read that Grayer stands in the hallway and cries for his father or when he`s sick and the only thing he wants is his mother. At the end it shows that Mrs. decides that Nan isn`t good enough and basically throws her at the door with less than she was supposed to have for every hour she`s been there plus overtime, plus Pluss. It makes me so frustrated! She left her child with Nan and made her do everything else as well, then she decides she`s not good enough? Why? Because she can`t always run to her? Because her marriage is sucky? Ugh. Just gets so frustrated. But when Nan went into their apartment, I felt like it wasn`t totally Nan? Yknow? I know she was mad because she was cheated of a lot of money. But it wasn`t totally her to go into that apartment, and it wasn`t okay? Even if I understand it. I think the discovery could have been done earlier or differently. If you can`t tell I wasn`t very happy with the ending. I think it was too sudden and I thought about poor Grayer, how he felt. We didn`t get to know anything about that or how Nan felt later.

Q: Have you read the book? what do you think?

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