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As you guys have seen i havent been writing a blog post in forever. The reasons are simple mostly the fact that life has been in the way, i havent had a motivation in ages and ive ended up using instagram as bookstagram mostly. I do not know if or when i wll come back writing here but i hope you will follow me at @mybooksoftales or just follow the link https://www.instagram.com/mybooksoftales/?hl=en
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Au pair in New York

Au pair i New york | Emma McLaughlin | ARK Bokhandel

2.5/5 stars.

Au Pair in New York is an easy read chick lit where we meet Nan who is called “Nanny” because of course she`s an au pair and live with family X, take care of their son Grayer (4) and dose everything else around the house as well. Mrs. X gives a lot of lists and instructions. It Even exists a list with stuff that Grayer can and can`t do. He has lots of activities he must do as well as the things Nan are supposed to do for Mrs. X. Mrs X. seem to have very little time to her son, and that goes for her husband Mr. X as well, he has work travels here and there. It “helps” that he as one on the side, who comes into their home and make herself comfortable and makes Nan do the shopping for her arrivals. Nan’s don`t dare or can`t say anything, so she doses what she`s told. Grayer goes from being a bully to a very nice kid, but in the story, it is understandable when you get to know how his childhood as been so far, where he`s had other nannies who has “left him” and how his life is with his parents.  But he softens up to Nan and ends up really loving her. But she is not there forever, and, in the end, it ends with Mrs. X showing that she`s not happy with how Nan is, that Nan can`t let go of everything and come running every time she is needed. It seems that Nan`s school or life in general isn’t important for Mrs. I kind of want to shove their heads into a wall! They do not care much about their kid; they just go around in their own world of expensive clothes and important stuff all the time. It makes my heart hurt when we read that Grayer stands in the hallway and cries for his father or when he`s sick and the only thing he wants is his mother. At the end it shows that Mrs. decides that Nan isn`t good enough and basically throws her at the door with less than she was supposed to have for every hour she`s been there plus overtime, plus Pluss. It makes me so frustrated! She left her child with Nan and made her do everything else as well, then she decides she`s not good enough? Why? Because she can`t always run to her? Because her marriage is sucky? Ugh. Just gets so frustrated. But when Nan went into their apartment, I felt like it wasn`t totally Nan? Yknow? I know she was mad because she was cheated of a lot of money. But it wasn`t totally her to go into that apartment, and it wasn`t okay? Even if I understand it. I think the discovery could have been done earlier or differently. If you can`t tell I wasn`t very happy with the ending. I think it was too sudden and I thought about poor Grayer, how he felt. We didn`t get to know anything about that or how Nan felt later.

Q: Have you read the book? what do you think?

Survival Kit

// Goodreads

I got this book in exhange for a honest review from the author.

Trigger Warning: Death of an animal, death (human/zombie), different variation of grief,  Parasite and mutation  ect, blood (description) & Cancer.

«Stay alive, ok?»
«you too»

Now, that is out of the way, i normally don`t read much zombie acopalypse books because those i`ve tried to read was meh or just to gory for my taste. This one i really liked. A favorite thing of mine throughout the book was how Shadia adressed Kit as Habibi i found it really adorable, even though they were in a bad situation. How Kit felt about the animal that died it broke my heart honestly, i cried with the character because death of an animal and realizing that it suffered, trying to survive in that world… makes my heart ache. The parasite description and information made me kind of remember one of the reasons i skip watching TWD and the others tv-shows that follows that series, because i have no other words than to say: Ugh. 

I really like the two main characters, but i wish we`d see an input in what Shadia is thinking and why not just Kit, even though i like that we get to know what Kit is thinking and why. Nicholas is insane tbh, «we don`t wanna hurt you, we just wanna talk» is such a villan- clichè line, very typical but effective, i like it. I was were happy for the ending, it couldn`t have been better i think. I hope the author write more LGBT-Fantasy books, dosen`t nesesarily have to be with Zombies but i am glad they did not overpower the book.

The Christmas Dare

// Goodreads

This was my first book by Lori Wilde 🙂 A very impulse buy but i am happy about it! I will be sure to check out more of her books later on.  So, this was my first christmas book of the year and i really think that  this was a very cute and charming story! I espesially loved the christmas theme in the book but very glad that it did not overpower it in a way. Though the way they texted and how her mother was, geez that made me groan a few (alot) times. But Kelsey and Noah was supersweet, they slowly build it up and we also got to know them from before, what happend, how and why. They did also have character growth, Kelsey espesially with her breaking free, daring and finding herself. The sidecharacter were also very nice, Tasha was my favorite sidecharacter even though she was the very used up supportive bestie she also had a voice and her own thing to do in the book.


Have you read it? What do you think?

Outstanding blog award

https://debjanisthoughts.wordpress.com/https://alittlenerdtoldme.wordpress.com/This is very new to me, but thank you https://groovythoughtsa.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-outstanding-blogger-award-questions.html for the award 🙂 It was very cool to be nominated.
The questions i got:
1.What is that one book that influenced you so much that it changed your life?
Ouf, that is a hard question… i am not sure .. i don`t really have anyone that comes to mind.

2.When and where do you prefer to read?
Everywhere! But i do mostly read in my couch :3 I have a favorite spot there!

3. If you could meet any character- be it real, fictional, or from a movie, or book- who would it be?
I think it would have to be Simon Snow from Carry On, he seems like my type of character :p or Luna, since she`s so nice and odd, like me :p

4. What is your hobby (other than reading) and why?
My hobbies includes gaming (ps4, switch- mostly) and diamond painting. I do it because its so much fun and i get so sucked in haha.

5. Your favourite artist (singer, painter, author, etc.)?
It is so hard to choose, but i think it
wll be BTS!

6. Any dreams and wishes for the world that you want to share? 🙂
To get covid gone!!

7.Any feedback for my blog? 😀
I really like it, ti`s so tidy and nice!

I nominate:
1. https://wittyandsarcasticbookclub.home.blog/
8. https://thecoycaterpillarreads.blog/

My Questions:
1. Your favorite christmas reads?
2. What is your favorite christmas cookies?
3. Do you prefer kindle or phone to read on? and why?
4. What is your favorite song right now?
5. Your favorite reading memory?
6. Do you have any christmas traditions?
7.Do you play any games? If so, wich one? and yes phone games also counts!


// Goodreads

I got this EArc from Shadow Mountain Publishing and Netgalley in exhange for a honest review

I shall be honest to say that at first, i was very VERY unsure i`d even like this book. It sounded interesting by the blurb, but i wasn`t sure it was something i`d like anyhow.After a the first chapter… Boy was i wrong, i was so moved it hurt. I felt so many emotions through the book, with Charity. I smiled, i cried, i felt an ache in my chest and stomach for the unfairness and how Charity struggled…but i also felt so much joy when she was heard and seen as a real person not as an object, a thing and a word i really really hate: retard. She grew, found her voice and found friends who supported her and loved her for who she was. I also adored how her parents never gave up on her, that was really beautiful. This is something i think, should be at  school libraries  and teachers should read this one to their students, it might open some eyes and hearts and maybe others will feel seen?


Have you read it? What do you think?

ARC: The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

// Goodreads

* i got this E-ARC in exhange for a honest review at Edelweiss+ *
TW: Anixeity, panic attacks, Spiders (?) 

Evie is such a relatable character when it comes to mentalh health and i love her relationship with Caleb. Sometimes they were just dummies who really needed to get smacked in the head but that was because they did not see what we saw (Leo, Bex, Caleb`s mom, Brian… ect ect – you get the gist.) I must admit i did not understand half of the phsycic thing, but that was alright it did not stop me from enjoying this cute book to the fullest.This book was beautiful, a bit heartbreaking – espesially how strained Evie and her mom`s relationship was – but i am glad that they got to an understanding in the end. I also loved that Bex was very true to herself and worked up the courage to talk to her parents, to really open up about what she wanted. Caleb was such a cutie, but sometimes i felt like he did Leo dirty, but i guess jealousy can do that to people. But Leo was also taken into concideration for his feelings, Evie did not string him along when she figured out what – i mean who she actually wanted – who she had in her heart. But he also helped her see things, being her first boyfriend. I kind of hope we`ll see more of Bex and Leo in the future? Maybe they can get their own book? that would have been nice!

Have you read it? if so what do you think?

ARC: Revenge of the Sluts

// Goodreads

I Got this book from netgalley in exhange for a honest review 🙂 

This was actually more interesting and likable than i thought it would be. I was very unsure if i would like it at all. But i actually got some Veronica Mars Vibe going on here and i dig that show even though it ended some years ago and the 4th season i haven`t seen because i`ve spoiled it to myself and i do not wanna watch THAT particular happening. If you have seen it, you know. Anyway, it was really interesting to follow. I kind of suspected a couple of people after a while – but the author also made me sort of frame a certain asshole. It kept me intruiged and entertained for all the pages. So i was wrong. I really really liked it! I also really liked Eden and Atticus. if the author decides to write more about St.Joseph and the characters there i hope they get more «screentime» even though they had some…because their chemestry was so nice and not made overly cute in a way? just slowly took place but it did not overpower the things happening in the book.

ARC: Once a fallen lady

// Goodreads

I got this book as a kindle ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book is a charming and nice gem.
Here we have Lydia, Annie and Alfred. Lydia who don`t want any fuss, pity or charity even though it leaks through the roof and they barely have any money. Her pride stands in the way of that. This little gem is around 180 pages and have a very nice pacing of the story. Annie is a happy child who loves the school in the village, even though they often are late and the teacher`s huff and puff about it. Alfred who easily fall for Lydia and has his own ambitions and dreams – he wants to help learn the children reading, cooking and solve their problems. He knows that isn`t how it is. But it is a nice dream. One can clearly see that Lydia and Alfred (Mr. Lowe) are in love with each other, but it doesn’t feel like instant love, it grows slowly like a flower in the soil. It needs nurturing and care for it to grow between them. But sometimes one frowns and go? Really! Come on! You love each other!! And I really like that they aren`t perfect, that they admit they have faults tough Lydia`s lie, well that could maybe have been told sooner instead of later, but that is only my opinion. I mean I guess it created more story when she waited, but I am glad she did tell him and that he did not pull away from her because I would have been very sad if he did. Though that is not the Alfred Lowe I know and grow to love as a character. He quickly became my favorite.

Review: Be The Girl

// Goodreads

I must admit I haven’t read anything by K.A Tucker before and I did not have high hopes for the book. I think it`s because I have had such misses with books lately, but this one was very nice. I really liked the pacing; the story and Cassie was undeniable adorable. I was a bit skeptical about this author`s take on autism, but I think she did it good and I’m glad we got to hear about Emmett and how his feelings and thoughts was about his sister, but also the fact that he loved her for her.  Emmett was the adorable protective type with big brown eyes and nice smile. I am very glad he moved on from Holly – but I am sad to see that it was Aria who had the guts to tell him and no others, when at least some of them knew that Holly was a bad seed. We get to learn about Aria and her struggles, but that doesn’t take up the whole book in a way, it gives us room to breath and to learn about Aria`s likes and dislikes and every day too.

Her friendship with Cassie, is gold. Cassie is just a breath of fresh air, and I am so glad to “see” how Emmett and Cassie`s mom is handling it, she could have been insane about it or making her child a “nutcase” or something to be hidden away/ ashamed of. But she was not, and I am glad the mother Heather took her time to talk to Aria aka AJ about both of her children. Their father seems great too. I feel the ache for uncle Merv, the loss of his wife had been hard on him and being married for so long I’d image it would do something to you. It`s clear as day that he loved Connie a lot, makes my heart fill with warmth and ache if that even make sense. I kind of wrinkled my nose at Aria`s mother, the whole parental control on phone  and all, but she kind of grew on me and I also got to understand why even though I might not agree to that I sort of understand anyway and the fact that she removed her spyware shown that both daughter and mother kind of grew – got an understanding of things too.

I must say though Emmet have some “bad sides” I mean he loves his sister, but constantly believing she will do bad in the world or not be able to live on her own just because she has autism is really sad so that was a minus for me Emmet-wise. But I understand his worries, but I hoped he`d think differently. I know I go back and forth on this. Aria`s secret was… big, something I myself did not expect at all ..but she showed that she has grown, learned from her mistakes, I am a bit sad that only happened in the end but I am glad Aria showed her flaws, her mistakes and owned up to them, understood what she did wrong and even though she could not change what she had done in the past, she tries her best to be the best now. She was brave for telling it to the class and the whole school, she made people stop and think – it is not everyone who`d care or dare to do that.