Dewey’s ReadAThon: Part 2 (14PM-2AM)

14:15 PM
I’ve found my yoghurt and are ready to dive back into Carry On! 😀

18:20 PM
I have now finished Carry on, and loved re-visiting Baz and Simon, are now stoked to read nr 2. c: Now i’m actually reading Fifthy Shades of Grey wich is also a re-read for me. So, that’s a 3# book for me, at this read-athon.

23:15 PM
3hours left of the readathon, give or take. And now i wonder about that read-a-thons isin’t exactly for me, i wonder if i thought it would be funnier than it actually was. I mean, i love reading i do, but having a read-a-thon, kind of feels a little forced? and it might have been more fun if i was up at the same time as everyone else or found someone to BuddyRead with. But, i didn’t know before i tried.

02:10 AM
and so came the end of the read-a-thon for me. I managed to get to 74% of the Fifty shades of grey book. So i’d say it was an okay 24 hours, even though i didn’t read full of the times, and wonder if it is for me.

Though i might try, another time. 24 in 48. Maybe. we’ll see.

Dewey’s 24h Readathon: Part 1 (02AM-14PM)

Mind you, i haven’t done this readathon before, but this is just an update on thoughts and books i read and other things i do. Might add pages and if i finish the books and whatnot.

02:00 AM Start time
Woho, start time for me! I kind of wishes it wasn’t so late. But, oh well! I don’t have a particular tbr, i’m just taking what i feel and want to read. I’m going to read Highway to Heaven or in norwegian «Livet, Motorsykler og andre umilige prosjekter» Wich i could’nt find in english or norwegian at GR. but i just added the swedish version.

04:00 AM – Finished with a book
I’ve finished with Highway to Heaven, wich i ended up rated 2 stars. So, meh. The cats are going a little crazy atm haha. Decided to start Carry on by Rainbow Rowell, this is a re-read for me but just in time for the soon to be next release! ❤

05:00 AM – Sleep calls!
I’m heading to bed now, my eyes are too heavy to read more.

05:30 AM – 14:00 PM
I ended up tossing and turning and not having the greatest of night, tossing and turning so sleep did not come easily and that put a dent in my readathon.

Review: On The Come Up


On the come up is my second book i’ve read from the author Angie Thomas, and let me just tell you now – WOW. Even though that «gangsta» talk and sometimes how the characters acted in a way, was somewhat wierd to me, did it not stop me from liking it. I loved it from page to page, Bri or Brianna is fierce, smart-mouthed and badass, but also emotional, insecure and sweet… i just liked her so much, and could relate to what she thought and wanted. This book made me laugh, cry and slightly rage – i connected with Bri the whole time and this was so badass! I loved the rapping she did and could hear how she would have rapped in my head. The only bad thing i has to say is? I’m seriously sad because it’s over! 😦 I want more!

I make a small list, just because i felt for it:
Sonny – I’m so happy he got his, happy ending? ish? at least he dared to chase it c:
Malik – Was tbh, mad at him ALOT. But I understood what and why.
Curtis – He’s such an adorable dork and he and Bri fits so perf ❤
Trey – Such a awesome big brother 🙂
Jay – Their mom is also fierce, and wants to take care of everything herself, even though it’s hard. She loves them, alot.
Aunt Pooh – She has to decide who she wants to be, even though it’s hard.

Weekly Wrap Up: 22-28th July


And now is time for weekly wrap up again, i found it very nice to do this since i don’t always review every book i read on here, because that would be alot of books hehe. But some i do, and some gets a little brifely summary also. This week i’ve also done The Reading Rush, wich have been interesting and made myself kick myself to read some long anticipated books that has been sitting in my shelf for far to long. If you want to read about how TRR went, the links for all the days will be at the end of this blogpost.
Alright, without furter ago, here we go!

Books read this week:
Dance of the heart by Andrea Downing
1 stars
DNF 25%

I could’nt see to invest in the story or connect with any of the characters. The MC Girl was annoying and sometimes sour and i just grew to dislike MC Boy and MC Boy’s father for how they behaved and acted. I think, this might be a typical it’s me, not you type of book where i had somewhat trouble following the authors writing style and shifting of characters.

Captain Easterday’s Bargain by Kathleen Buckley
1 star
I just could’nt seem to connect with any of the characters at all, i somehow liked Olivia but she got a bit dull after a while and i had problems following the story in the book. i think it’s a little «it’s me, not you» – kind of thing.

I’m Fine and neither are you by Camille Pagàn
4 stars.
This was my «read in the same spot» – badge book and it got me emotional and thoughtful at times, i do recomend it. But honestly the ending was a bit rushed.

Leah on the offbeat by Becky Albertalli
5 stars
I just loved it so much, i read it for The Reading Rush, where i put this one in the «A book i wanted to read last year» You can read why HERE i also, put it at my 5 star read on TRR.

City of Bones By Cassandra Clare
5 stars
For years i’ve been unsure and toying about reading it since people hyped it up so much and i was so afraid of not liking it. I did actually end up watching s1 of the shadowhunter series before reading the book ( GASP, I KNOW RIGHT?), and i did like the show ( yes i know it has it’s flaws and fault bla bla) But, i also loved the book alot. It was very hard to put down and the only characters i truly disliked was Eric and Valentine, i wanted to kick Valentine where the sun don’t shine. – GIVE ME THE SECOND BOOK ASAP.

Oracle’s War by David Hair & Cath Mayo
3.5 stars
It was interesting read and another take on the mythology wich i liked. A little longpased though, but i might pick up the first book. seemingly as this is nr 2.

The murmur of bees by Sofia Segovia
2 stars
I had slightly problems following the story because it jumped back and forth between characters and sometimes i didn’t know who it was and what happend. I’m sure it’s a beautiful story, but it wasn’t for me

The Rookie (fire’s egde 2#) by Abigail Owen
1.5 stars
This book wasn’t for me, honestly i tried to get into it, but i failed. I’ve read some dragon shifter books that i liked, so i guess i might be picky? idk?

The Burn by Kristal Dawn Harris
1 star
The book had potential and was interesting at first, but i could honestly not connect with the characters, plus it alt felt very rushed to me – in one moment she disliked him and wanted nothing to do with him and in the next she suddenly accsepted the burn, very quickly. I tried my hardest to like the book, i really did. But it wasn’t just my cup of tea, i guess.

Touch me (Lusty Liasions 1#) by Nancy Frase
1 star
This book was over almost before it began, at 28 pages it was superfast phased.
It all happend in a blurr and in the next, we were at the end. I didn’t get time to learn much about the characters, nor connect or find time to actually like them. I seriously wish that it was longer, so we could see more of Maggie and Evan, learn to know them and possibly like them. I really tried to connect with the character, but as said it was too fast to even like them – and that is a minus to me. Had it been longer, and we got a build up with both of them and see their life, i might have given it more stars.

Untamed Hearts by Colleen O’ Conell
2 stars (more like 1.5)
The characters kept annoying me, i ended up not liking or caring about them at all. i tried my hardest, but just meh?

Shadow Music by Elisabeth Rose
3 stars
It was a very interesting read and you could almost «see» and feel how obsessed Nina got with Mirand and Piers. And that was somewhat creepy, but it was interesting and i’m glad the happy ending occured nontheless.

Summer of 69′ by Todd Strasser
1 star
Lucas started out as a lovesick puppy and ended up for me as a pot-smoking wierdo/idiot? i could not care for him, at all.. i was bored and exhausted trying to follow the story.

Current Reading:
On the come up by Angie Thomas (46% in)
Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (7% in)

I’d say 13 books is good! even though many of them are DNF’s.

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The Reading Rush: Day 7

Sadly i read basically nothing for this day. I read some at One The Come Up plus some ARCs. But it was too hot and i’m not feeling too good right now. So that was how it is.
But, i managed to get these badges:
Read a book with purple on the cover – City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Read a book in the same spot the entire time – I’m fine and neither are you by Camille Pagàn (read it in the couch)
Read a five star book – Leah on the offbeat by Becky Allberati
Read a book you ment to read last year – Leah on the offbeat – By Becky Allberati
Posted a reading rush picture – check out bookgeek95 c:
Read over 1000 pages: I ended up reading 1220 pages.

So, i’m happy nontheless!

The Reading Rush: Day 6

I bet now you’ve been wondering, why i did not post this yesterday. And the reason is, i don’t exactly have so much to tell you. I mean i started Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern for the badge of read an authors first book. I read like 35 pages or so, but forgot to update you guys because, i started sims again! 😀 and then i got a little obsessed with that. Also it was too hot for me to manage to read much. I’m not sure if i’ll be able to finish Night Circus tonight, but we’ll see.

How was saturday for you?

The Reading Rush: Day 5

Today i am ashamed – or not? to say i did do no reading whatsoever. We went to the beach wich took us in a horrid buss driver for over 45 minutes where it was so hot and too many people and came to the beach, a little bit dissapointed. We anticipated it to be lots of people, it wasn’t that – but the water had so much mud and seaweed floating inwards to the beach so we could’nt see anything with swimming googels plus the sand was painful and hot to walk on both on land and in the water. My fiancè went around checking the other small ‘areas’ where one could swim… and *shrudders* he suddenly saw two used condoms, IN the water wich almost hit him. In general the beach was not to our liking that much, to be honest it was so overhyped and ugh. The other beach we was on were much better so we wonder if we’re gonna go there next time. This place was just a hassle and the toilet rooms there were … just ew. Not a place i’d go back to bathe, honestly.

So, yeah. no reading from me :0 shocker.

The Reading Rush: Day 4

A book with purple on the cover: City of Bones.
Pages read: 411
I finished City of Bones today! Yay! and it also gave me the badge of reading 1000 pages wich is very cool! 🙂 I found myself liking COB Alot! So naturally i have to get the next installment in the series, heh. But i did not read any other books in the TRR, i read a little of a book outside the TRR (On the come up – Angie thomas) But i’m pleased with that.

Dunno how tomorrow will turn out, since we might «flee» to the beach. It’s gonna be hotter tomorrow!

The Reading Rush: Day 3

Here’s a day i didn’t actually get to do much reading (for the TRR, anyway). I was reading a bit on the One The Come Up by Angie Thomas, but that is not on TRR-Tbr list though. But the day was spent by the beach and that was lovely! Me and my fiancè traveled to the freshwater beach, it was around 27 celcius in the sun and 18 celcius in the water, it was somewhat cold when we tried to get used to it, but lovely when we got used to it! 🙂 We were there around 4 hours or so, until it got a little cold and we got hungry. Then, we headed home and made some food and i fell asleep.

I did push in some reading of City of Bones, so i got some pages to put up at the reading rush page^^ Pages read: 35
So not bad, not bad!

and, now i shall relax and chill some before bedtime, it’s after all soon 12 PM.

The Reading Rush: Day 2

Woho! Day 2!
Leah on the OffBeat – Becky Albertalli was my «a book you ment to read last year» and also ended up being my 5 star read at the same time! so i am very happy with that! I had a hard time putting the book down, honestly.

i also started «a book with a purple cover» wich was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I managed to read 64 pages there, so i’m at a great start, plus i’ve gone around and picked up physical for this one! Wich is great, because i often tend to do kindle more often than physical books apperaently, i think it’s because the fear of me not liking the physical books is bigger than for those ebooks? idk? i’m a bit wierd that way.

But i think, day 2 went pretty great!

Pages Read today: 319