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I got this EArc from Shadow Mountain Publishing and Netgalley in exhange for a honest review

I shall be honest to say that at first, i was very VERY unsure i`d even like this book. It sounded interesting by the blurb, but i wasn`t sure it was something i`d like anyhow.After a the first chapter… Boy was i wrong, i was so moved it hurt. I felt so many emotions through the book, with Charity. I smiled, i cried, i felt an ache in my chest and stomach for the unfairness and how Charity struggled…but i also felt so much joy when she was heard and seen as a real person not as an object, a thing and a word i really really hate: retard. She grew, found her voice and found friends who supported her and loved her for who she was. I also adored how her parents never gave up on her, that was really beautiful. This is something i think, should be at  school libraries  and teachers should read this one to their students, it might open some eyes and hearts and maybe others will feel seen?


Have you read it? What do you think?

ARC: The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

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* i got this E-ARC in exhange for a honest review at Edelweiss+ *
TW: Anixeity, panic attacks, Spiders (?) 

Evie is such a relatable character when it comes to mentalh health and i love her relationship with Caleb. Sometimes they were just dummies who really needed to get smacked in the head but that was because they did not see what we saw (Leo, Bex, Caleb`s mom, Brian… ect ect – you get the gist.) I must admit i did not understand half of the phsycic thing, but that was alright it did not stop me from enjoying this cute book to the fullest.This book was beautiful, a bit heartbreaking – espesially how strained Evie and her mom`s relationship was – but i am glad that they got to an understanding in the end. I also loved that Bex was very true to herself and worked up the courage to talk to her parents, to really open up about what she wanted. Caleb was such a cutie, but sometimes i felt like he did Leo dirty, but i guess jealousy can do that to people. But Leo was also taken into concideration for his feelings, Evie did not string him along when she figured out what – i mean who she actually wanted – who she had in her heart. But he also helped her see things, being her first boyfriend. I kind of hope we`ll see more of Bex and Leo in the future? Maybe they can get their own book? that would have been nice!

Have you read it? if so what do you think?

ARC: Revenge of the Sluts

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I Got this book from netgalley in exhange for a honest review 🙂 

This was actually more interesting and likable than i thought it would be. I was very unsure if i would like it at all. But i actually got some Veronica Mars Vibe going on here and i dig that show even though it ended some years ago and the 4th season i haven`t seen because i`ve spoiled it to myself and i do not wanna watch THAT particular happening. If you have seen it, you know. Anyway, it was really interesting to follow. I kind of suspected a couple of people after a while – but the author also made me sort of frame a certain asshole. It kept me intruiged and entertained for all the pages. So i was wrong. I really really liked it! I also really liked Eden and Atticus. if the author decides to write more about St.Joseph and the characters there i hope they get more «screentime» even though they had some…because their chemestry was so nice and not made overly cute in a way? just slowly took place but it did not overpower the things happening in the book.

ARC: Once a fallen lady

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I got this book as a kindle ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
This book is a charming and nice gem.
Here we have Lydia, Annie and Alfred. Lydia who don`t want any fuss, pity or charity even though it leaks through the roof and they barely have any money. Her pride stands in the way of that. This little gem is around 180 pages and have a very nice pacing of the story. Annie is a happy child who loves the school in the village, even though they often are late and the teacher`s huff and puff about it. Alfred who easily fall for Lydia and has his own ambitions and dreams – he wants to help learn the children reading, cooking and solve their problems. He knows that isn`t how it is. But it is a nice dream. One can clearly see that Lydia and Alfred (Mr. Lowe) are in love with each other, but it doesn’t feel like instant love, it grows slowly like a flower in the soil. It needs nurturing and care for it to grow between them. But sometimes one frowns and go? Really! Come on! You love each other!! And I really like that they aren`t perfect, that they admit they have faults tough Lydia`s lie, well that could maybe have been told sooner instead of later, but that is only my opinion. I mean I guess it created more story when she waited, but I am glad she did tell him and that he did not pull away from her because I would have been very sad if he did. Though that is not the Alfred Lowe I know and grow to love as a character. He quickly became my favorite.

ARC: Love at the spectrum

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I requested this at netgalley, because i wanted to see what thus authors take on autism, love and life in general was like. I was a bit sceptical, because i’ve requested so many books i’ve had high hopes for and they just let me down, again and again.

But i am getting ahead of myself. I think i really fell for the book because i see some of myself in Hervè, i hate calling unknown people and i hate it when people call me, espesially when it’s people or numbers i don’t know. It just makes my stomach ache, I also can’t stand lateness in myself or others, so cancelling makes me frustrated or change. I’d rather come superearly rather than late, because i worry about so many factors there, honestly. But, this is not about me – this is about the book.

We follow Hervè and get to see how he was when he was young, how he is now – how he meet Luc, we also get to know Luc and how he is and what life he’s had. This is a story about two men finding each other in sort of impossible circumstances and fall in love with each other and share their lives together. Hervè and Luc has their own struggles and we see how it affect the both of them, and that love is strong no matter what, and i loved every page and seriously wish there where more!

As a added plus, the writing were easy and the flow was so good! I didn’t have a hard time connection with the characters and took an instant like to them.

Seriously, read it!
I gave it 5 stars, and i’d love to give it 5.million. ❤

ARC: Skin Hunter #1


Wow. People say this is a book that is basically The Hunger games meets Avatar. I can agree on THG but i haven’t watched nor read Avatar so i don’t know about it. But, this book. Wow! I was hooked at once, it sucked me in by basically the first page. i don’t often compare books to each other because every book is unique, but i see what they mean.

I requested this at Netgalley because it sounded so incredible and cool and i was so right. It was packed with action every page and honestly, the only bad thing i have to say about it is? GIVE ME NR 2. I can’t wait! haha, i know shocking isin’t it. It was just, incredible and how the author described and explained, i could feel Milla’s thoughts, actions, it was like i was in the room watching her, watching it all happend. I don’t want to spoil too much. But i see the Hunger games aspect, though it is not a rip off, where the Avatar comes in, i don’t know – but maybe it dose? I found it exciting, packed with action and excitement. It had slight of a romance-kind of thing in, but it might or might not be more of it in the second book, but i liked romance and hope of more of it! But the human get into their skin aka animal or animal-mixed was a new thing to me. I haven’t read anything like it, as far as i know. But this is fight for survival, for your familiy, for yourself. I was shocked when they had taxes for second born children, wich seem high and you have to work for it, where you live. Both that and food, and if you have anything that anybody wants they might kill you for it and not even look back. Those who often steal and kill are called Sharks, fitting isin’t it? as we get to know «Old Triton» the place, and all that. Get’a-s’orta underwater vibe, when it is on and.

I’m not going to write anything more, but read it read it!

Watch out Director Morelle, Milla is coming back.
For you, for her skin.
I hope, she’ll also find Cale.

ARC: Going Dutch

// Edelweiss+

(This also stands on my GR Page)

Hard HARD Pass.
This was just a pain to read. I’ve seen some reviews who loves it and some who don’t. For me this book had an okay writing style so it was pretty easy to follow, and that was technically the only thing i liked about it.

What i didn’t like about it? The Main character Richard goes around complainging and sulking because yes the dates dosen’t go that well, he gets a writers block ect ect and that life isin’t fair. But he complains all the time! And when friends tries to talk to him about what goes on in his life, he attacks – wordly so. Then get upset because they try to care and try to figure out why he’s not in a good mood. I’m sorry, if one don’t want to talk about it, fine. Don’t. But don’t attack ones who want to help you! Though, when Patrick hopes he’s not bisexual i didn’t like him either, because what dose that matter if he was? or is?

And it dosen’t stop there, Enter Anne, friend, work.buddy and one-sided with being in love with him. He’s gay, but still she’s in love with him and dosen’t seem to care about the tiny fact that he’s gay. And she’s needy, and oddly so – and when he dosen’t respond she basically acts as a girlfriend a very needy one who demmands to know what happends ect. Richard dose this thing where he leads her on, knowing how she is – or maybe he don’t see it? But sleeping with someone you don’t love or have romantic feelings for ? He gave Anne hope were there was none..

And Blake, his lover-boyfriend ish. Tried to give him so many chances even though Richard didn’t deserve so with all the move in thing, lying ect. Blake tried to make their future bright and Richard kind of… didn’t? Sometimes very few times, it was light and happy… and then…. not. Richard didn’t treat him good.

I honestly don’t understand why Anne kind of «took him back.» But that’s me.

I just ugh, NO. i gave it 1/5 stars.

ARC: Prom-Wrecked

5 stars c:

“This can’t be happening. I’m Cursed. I’m the Albus Severus Potter of the muggle world” – Riley Hart.

I liked Riley and Cathrine a lot, and the change between them was also pretty fun. Though I kind of found myself shipping Riley with Owen rather than Cathrine, don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with Cat at all. I just thought they’d be cute together. Anyway, this was a very fun and easy read, I was cheering for them to get their morp I – mean Prom! Hehe :p  all the way, and honestly I could’nt put the book down and had to see it through all the way. But then Jordon came in, and I shipped him and Cat so hard. I made internal squeals of happiness. It was just adorable, funny and cute – honestly a perfect read!

Review: A brief chronicles of another stupid heartbreak

// Edelweiss+

I keep wondering if my expectations were too high for this one? I had hope for lots of laughs, some raging and sadness. But I felt kind of empty? I had hoped this would be awesome and I would not want to put it down, but when it hit the 50%’s mark I was not really… interested anymore? The whole book felt meh, and Lu who comes obsessed with a couple who’s ending? – sort of. Just…idk, I didn’t care about it at all. Plus, sometimes she moped around Leo, but not that much anyhow? and there was Pete who were slightly interesting. But I don’t know? I craved more? I skimmed the rest half, just because I’m a stubborn one, who wanted to see the book through at the end.  Sadly, the book wasn’t for me. I couldn’t connect nor care for any of the characters in the book. Cal seemed overly romantic, which would have been fine – if he wasn’t so “perfect” especially in Lu’s eyes, I guess? I just ended up giving it 1 star, because….in the end, I were both confused and bored.

Weekly wrap up: 15-21th July


Read this week:
Again, it’s just Netgalley books. if you want the link to some of them, just tell me!

Pisces hooks Taurus (#4) by Anyta Sunday
5 stars
A standalone.
I sat there with a grin on my face all through out the book. It was adorable, it had some serious aspects but not too much, and the characters were easy to love and adore. If you want a feel-good M/M book, this one is it! it stands it’s nr 4, but it is standalone so it’s okay.

Made for you (2#) by Anyta Sunday
5 stars
It’s a standalone.
I think Anyta Sunday dose it so well! this is my second book i’ve read of her and i keep smiling all throughout the book. i loved this one I adored Milo, jack and Ben and i was like «oh come on!» a while, and then «awf!» and kind of had heart-emoji eyes if that’s even possible. So freaking cute, slow burn but so worth it!

The Stars May Rise and Fall by Estella Mirai
5 stars
This was a very hard book to put down, I kept thinking about it literally 24/7 but it was also a beautiful M/M love story where one ought to forgive oneself, where one open up to love and souls perfect for one another finds each other and I loved every part of it. You can read the rest of my thoughts HERE

Gotta catch her by Kelly Haworth
5 stars
This was an adorable and fast-read F/F book wich made me giggle more than one time! I wish there was more, the ending seemed a little rushed – a little bit like there should be more pages but that was just because i wanted more.

The Madness of Miss Grey by Julia Bennet
1 star
I DNF’ed at 24%
I had a hard time connecting with the characters and could’nt seem to invest in the story or the progress of the love story, i just could’nt feel it.

His Second Chance at Forever by Lynne Marshall
2.5 stars
it was an alright quick and easy read, a nice romance book with it’s required happy ending.

One of One by S. R. Cronin
2 stars
DNF 28%
It was starting out interesting but it went downhill after 15% and i tried to get back into it, but it seems like i could’nt, i could’nt for the life of me get interested or invested in the rest of the story and the telepathy was a little confusing.

Felice: Shield-Mates of Dar by D.V. Stone
2 stars
it was a interesting story with shapeshifting axpects, but sometimes i were confused and didn’t manage to follow the story. But nontheless it was interesting.

Pirate’s Pleasure (#3) by Lisa Kessler
1 star
DNF 25%
It wasn’t a book i managed to get interested or invested in. I didn’t connect with any of the characters, wich sadly made me not care.

I’m fine and neither are you by Camille Pagàn
4 stars
Beautiful, heartbreaking and somewhat bittersweet. Penny got a real wake up call to change things in her life and see things differently. It was just wow.

I think, it has been a great week reading. I managed to do 8 books. Plus i’m starting my Reading Rush Challenge, a little early but that’s how we roll^^ If you want to find me there you can find me at @ Meowpoff 🙂

Current Reading:
Harry Potter – Order of the pheonix (Audiobook)

How have your week been?