A little heads up!

As you guys have seen i havent been writing a blog post in forever. The reasons are simple mostly the fact that life has been in the way, i havent had a motivation in ages and ive ended up using instagram as bookstagram mostly. I do not know if or when i wll come back writing here but i hope you will follow me at @mybooksoftales or just follow the link https://www.instagram.com/mybooksoftales/?hl=en
I hope i`ll see you there! 🙂


Long time no see!

I have been gone from my blog for a very long time. I know. Shame on me. Sorry.
But the excuse is, even as lame as it sounds i havent been in the mood to write anything – i have regularly updated some reviews and my reading updates at goodreads though, so theres that. But i want to wite more stuff here too. I am not sure if i should include anything else than reviews? I do reviews of ARCs (advanced readers copy) and my own books. Do you guys have any suggestions to what i should write about? it would be much appriciated! i will put my thinking cap on as well!


Weekly or Monthly wrap up?

I’ve been thinking a little about starting a weekly or monthly wrap up about the books i’ve read and then maybe give links to some i’ve reviewed on the blog. I will rate the books as well and write some sentences why i liked/didn’t like them and also maybe a little update on what i’ve been doing.

But, i’m not sure if i should do a weekly or monthly update? What do you think?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments! 😀