The Reading Rush: Day 4

A book with purple on the cover: City of Bones.
Pages read: 411
I finished City of Bones today! Yay! and it also gave me the badge of reading 1000 pages wich is very cool! 🙂 I found myself liking COB Alot! So naturally i have to get the next installment in the series, heh. But i did not read any other books in the TRR, i read a little of a book outside the TRR (On the come up – Angie thomas) But i’m pleased with that.

Dunno how tomorrow will turn out, since we might «flee» to the beach. It’s gonna be hotter tomorrow!

The Reading Rush: Day 3

Here’s a day i didn’t actually get to do much reading (for the TRR, anyway). I was reading a bit on the One The Come Up by Angie Thomas, but that is not on TRR-Tbr list though. But the day was spent by the beach and that was lovely! Me and my fiancè traveled to the freshwater beach, it was around 27 celcius in the sun and 18 celcius in the water, it was somewhat cold when we tried to get used to it, but lovely when we got used to it! 🙂 We were there around 4 hours or so, until it got a little cold and we got hungry. Then, we headed home and made some food and i fell asleep.

I did push in some reading of City of Bones, so i got some pages to put up at the reading rush page^^ Pages read: 35
So not bad, not bad!

and, now i shall relax and chill some before bedtime, it’s after all soon 12 PM.

The Reading Rush: Day 2

Woho! Day 2!
Leah on the OffBeat – Becky Albertalli was my «a book you ment to read last year» and also ended up being my 5 star read at the same time! so i am very happy with that! I had a hard time putting the book down, honestly.

i also started «a book with a purple cover» wich was City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I managed to read 64 pages there, so i’m at a great start, plus i’ve gone around and picked up physical for this one! Wich is great, because i often tend to do kindle more often than physical books apperaently, i think it’s because the fear of me not liking the physical books is bigger than for those ebooks? idk? i’m a bit wierd that way.

But i think, day 2 went pretty great!

Pages Read today: 319

The Reading Rush: Day 1

The Reading Rush was called BookTubeATon before and it’s where we read, get badges interact with people and have fun! You can find info about it all HERE. Since i’m terrible at explaining. Heh.

But, i actually started a bit yesterday, but i saw also that someone else did that so i thought it was okay^^ There i completed the badge «Read in the same place» with the book I’m fine and neither are you by Camillè Pagàn. Wich left a mark with me and made me very thoughtful, i gave it 4/5 stars, because i wished we could get to see more of Penny’s decisions and how it affected her later in life.

I also, decided to do «A book you wanted to read last year» and ended up wtih Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli. I didn’t manage to finish the badge tonight, since it’s soon turning 00:00 here where i live. But i got about 90 pages in, so it makes the other badge 26% fufilled, and i’ve read 360 pages today.

I call that a win win!

What are you reading?
Are you participating in TRR?

Weekly or Monthly wrap up?

I’ve been thinking a little about starting a weekly or monthly wrap up about the books i’ve read and then maybe give links to some i’ve reviewed on the blog. I will rate the books as well and write some sentences why i liked/didn’t like them and also maybe a little update on what i’ve been doing.

But, i’m not sure if i should do a weekly or monthly update? What do you think?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments! 😀

I’m back!

You haven’t exactly heard from me since my April Read list wich i happily shared with you. That is many reasons for that. I’ve had hell of anixeity days and not been able to read as much as i liked, practically nothing. Plus i was sick for 2 weeks with fever, coughing and stuffed nose so that was fun (not). Plus i’ve been searching for jobs and been on two interviews so cross your fingers for that! 🙂 But i just thought on updating you on how i’ve been with life and all that comes with it.
I hope to read something, the last days of May but we’ll see.

Have you read anything amazing lately?
Let me know!

Read in Apirl 2019

Since we now come to an end of April, i thought it fitting to list up the books i’ve read in April, and without further ado (Fyi, the list is just because i put it there not the exact date!) Here you are!
1.To all the boys i’ve loved before (1#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 Stars.
2. Sola er også en stjerne (The sun is also a star) by Nicola Yoon. 5/5 Stars.
3. Ps i still love you (2#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 stars.
4. Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. 3/5 stars.
5. Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. 5/5 Stars.
6. American Panda by Gloria Chao. 5/5 stars.
7.The Path Keeper (1#) by N.J Simmons. 4/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
8. The Stone Rainbow by Liane Shaw. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
9. ArrowHeart by Rebecca Sky. 3/5 stars.
10. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. 2/5 stars.
11. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas. 4/5 stars.
12. Just Lucky by Melanie Florence. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
13. Fireborn (1#) by Katie MacAlister. 2/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
14. Fruits of the gods by William C. Tracy. 1/5 stars.
15. The Witch of the hills by J.M Fraiser. 4.5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
16. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. 3/5 stars.
17. Destiny’s Tide by J.D Davies. 3/5 stars.
18. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
19. Always and Forever, Lara Jean (3#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 stars.
20. The Raven boys (1#) by Maggie Sitefwater. 5/5 stars.
21. Shadow and Bone (1#) By Leigh Bardugo. 5/5 stars.
22. Tiger Lily by Abigail Drake. 5/5 stars.
23. Bonjour Shangai: Bonjour Girl by Isabelle Lafleche. 4/5 stars.
24. The Abolitionist’s daughter by Diane. C. McPhail. 1/5 stars.
25. The Risk of Us by Rachel Howard. 5/5 stars.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? 😀

This bookdragon is happy!

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Some days ago i made myself an account on NetGallery and i was very nervous and not sure i’d get approved for any books there. But i wanted to give it a go, you know? I just got approved from a request there c: So i am grinning from ear to ear haha! I’m not going to tell you just yet what book. you’ll see that when the review comes c:
You can find me here: