The Christmas Dare

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This was my first book by Lori Wilde 🙂 A very impulse buy but i am happy about it! I will be sure to check out more of her books later on.  So, this was my first christmas book of the year and i really think that  this was a very cute and charming story! I espesially loved the christmas theme in the book but very glad that it did not overpower it in a way. Though the way they texted and how her mother was, geez that made me groan a few (alot) times. But Kelsey and Noah was supersweet, they slowly build it up and we also got to know them from before, what happend, how and why. They did also have character growth, Kelsey espesially with her breaking free, daring and finding herself. The sidecharacter were also very nice, Tasha was my favorite sidecharacter even though she was the very used up supportive bestie she also had a voice and her own thing to do in the book.


Have you read it? What do you think?

Review: Be The Girl

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I must admit I haven’t read anything by K.A Tucker before and I did not have high hopes for the book. I think it`s because I have had such misses with books lately, but this one was very nice. I really liked the pacing; the story and Cassie was undeniable adorable. I was a bit skeptical about this author`s take on autism, but I think she did it good and I’m glad we got to hear about Emmett and how his feelings and thoughts was about his sister, but also the fact that he loved her for her.  Emmett was the adorable protective type with big brown eyes and nice smile. I am very glad he moved on from Holly – but I am sad to see that it was Aria who had the guts to tell him and no others, when at least some of them knew that Holly was a bad seed. We get to learn about Aria and her struggles, but that doesn’t take up the whole book in a way, it gives us room to breath and to learn about Aria`s likes and dislikes and every day too.

Her friendship with Cassie, is gold. Cassie is just a breath of fresh air, and I am so glad to “see” how Emmett and Cassie`s mom is handling it, she could have been insane about it or making her child a “nutcase” or something to be hidden away/ ashamed of. But she was not, and I am glad the mother Heather took her time to talk to Aria aka AJ about both of her children. Their father seems great too. I feel the ache for uncle Merv, the loss of his wife had been hard on him and being married for so long I’d image it would do something to you. It`s clear as day that he loved Connie a lot, makes my heart fill with warmth and ache if that even make sense. I kind of wrinkled my nose at Aria`s mother, the whole parental control on phone  and all, but she kind of grew on me and I also got to understand why even though I might not agree to that I sort of understand anyway and the fact that she removed her spyware shown that both daughter and mother kind of grew – got an understanding of things too.

I must say though Emmet have some “bad sides” I mean he loves his sister, but constantly believing she will do bad in the world or not be able to live on her own just because she has autism is really sad so that was a minus for me Emmet-wise. But I understand his worries, but I hoped he`d think differently. I know I go back and forth on this. Aria`s secret was… big, something I myself did not expect at all ..but she showed that she has grown, learned from her mistakes, I am a bit sad that only happened in the end but I am glad Aria showed her flaws, her mistakes and owned up to them, understood what she did wrong and even though she could not change what she had done in the past, she tries her best to be the best now. She was brave for telling it to the class and the whole school, she made people stop and think – it is not everyone who`d care or dare to do that.

Review: Eliza and her Monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters

Don’t you know, there’s monsters in the sea.

Aw man, it’s over! I really want to go back and re-read it right away, it had so much feels, so much heart and soul. Books that love, end up becomming a part of me and this one did also, that. When i got into it, i had no expetations, i didn’t even know what i could find when starting the pages. But i was sort-a- hooked on page 1, i kept reading whenever i could even how tired i was. And that must say something!

Honestly all the characters in their own way, made me feel so much. But i think, i felt and connected most with Eliza, sometimes life gets hard and one might feel guilty for feeling those things and feel like one is letting down so many people…and asking for help, or trying to get help is a big step. I loved the Monsterous Sea art, i’d love for it to become a real comic i could read one day, because honestly i’m a fan, maybe not like Wallace and maybe not like Eliza who’s the mother of this fandom – because i don’t think i can reach up to that level, or maybe i can? But, not just about the mental health issue that the author brought up, to be apart of a fandom, to make things to talk about fandom and it’s society .. Also familiy, how sort of diverce the families was, how they acted, thought – it make them seem real, yes there were some problems on the way, but in what familiy isin’t? And Wallace, he’s so adorable and sweet, i just want to pack him in a blanket and give him hot coca and pats on the head. i could ramble on and on about the book, but i think i’ll stop now.

My point is this: I loved the book with all my heart ❤

Review: Love from A to Z


This was honestly beautiful,funny, sad and heartbreaking on so many levels.
I understood and possibly related alot to the the two main characters. Zayneb because of her anger, her frustration and hurt – because she did not want to be silenced. She wanted to be heard, to matter. She wanted not to let the injustice go unnoticed, she wanted something to be done.
I related alot to Adam, because of his fright for telling about the MS, for hurting his familiy – for what it would mean when he put it into words, and also for his loneliness and that he too is strong-willed and despite everything that is happening, he dosen’t give up. He finds a way to smile.

I felt so much for and with the characters, i was angry together with Zayneb, i was frustrated and sad with Adam, together with his familiy. I cried together with Zayneb’s aunt and mother. I growled when in a simple place like the swimming pool Zayneb was shown to be treated badly. And to be honest, i wanted to throw my book into the wall when reading about Mr.Fencer – if it was me, i would have voiced my opinion too, i would have walked out.

Marvel and Oddities... I think, i saw that this was the former name for the book and i think, maybe it should have been that, because of their journals and scribles about alot of the marvel and oddities in the world. I loved those parts alot also.

I gave it 5 stars at Goodreads.

Review: On The Come Up


On the come up is my second book i’ve read from the author Angie Thomas, and let me just tell you now – WOW. Even though that «gangsta» talk and sometimes how the characters acted in a way, was somewhat wierd to me, did it not stop me from liking it. I loved it from page to page, Bri or Brianna is fierce, smart-mouthed and badass, but also emotional, insecure and sweet… i just liked her so much, and could relate to what she thought and wanted. This book made me laugh, cry and slightly rage – i connected with Bri the whole time and this was so badass! I loved the rapping she did and could hear how she would have rapped in my head. The only bad thing i has to say is? I’m seriously sad because it’s over! 😦 I want more!

I make a small list, just because i felt for it:
Sonny – I’m so happy he got his, happy ending? ish? at least he dared to chase it c:
Malik – Was tbh, mad at him ALOT. But I understood what and why.
Curtis – He’s such an adorable dork and he and Bri fits so perf ❤
Trey – Such a awesome big brother 🙂
Jay – Their mom is also fierce, and wants to take care of everything herself, even though it’s hard. She loves them, alot.
Aunt Pooh – She has to decide who she wants to be, even though it’s hard.

Review: Leah on the Offbeat

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So, after reading Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda i wanted to read about Leah, since she was such a side-character and i wanted and hoped for a book about her. Mind you, i did not know that it would be a book about her before like 1,5 year after and it took me loong time to read it. But i sprang to it, and loved every moment of it. I myself, is a Slytherin by Pottermore and every other test and embraces that and it’s refreshing to see the use of ship, drarry, anime, manga and even DevantArt being used in there. I found Leah a tiny bit annoying but every character cannot be perfect, then they are robots and we do not want that. She has flaws like everybody else. But i loved the book nontheless. I got to revisit Simon and Bram and many others, in general Leah made me giggle so hard how she thought, what she did and a little bit cynical and wanting everything to be perfect, she learned that everything dosen’t nessesarily needs to be that. And i loved it.
So, guess what i gave it 5 stars ❤

Have you read it?

Read in Apirl 2019

Since we now come to an end of April, i thought it fitting to list up the books i’ve read in April, and without further ado (Fyi, the list is just because i put it there not the exact date!) Here you are!
1.To all the boys i’ve loved before (1#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 Stars.
2. Sola er også en stjerne (The sun is also a star) by Nicola Yoon. 5/5 Stars.
3. Ps i still love you (2#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 stars.
4. Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. 3/5 stars.
5. Autoboyography by Christina Lauren. 5/5 Stars.
6. American Panda by Gloria Chao. 5/5 stars.
7.The Path Keeper (1#) by N.J Simmons. 4/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
8. The Stone Rainbow by Liane Shaw. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
9. ArrowHeart by Rebecca Sky. 3/5 stars.
10. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. 2/5 stars.
11. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas. 4/5 stars.
12. Just Lucky by Melanie Florence. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
13. Fireborn (1#) by Katie MacAlister. 2/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
14. Fruits of the gods by William C. Tracy. 1/5 stars.
15. The Witch of the hills by J.M Fraiser. 4.5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
16. Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. 3/5 stars.
17. Destiny’s Tide by J.D Davies. 3/5 stars.
18. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. 5/5 stars. The Review can be found here:
19. Always and Forever, Lara Jean (3#) By Jenny Han. 5/5 stars.
20. The Raven boys (1#) by Maggie Sitefwater. 5/5 stars.
21. Shadow and Bone (1#) By Leigh Bardugo. 5/5 stars.
22. Tiger Lily by Abigail Drake. 5/5 stars.
23. Bonjour Shangai: Bonjour Girl by Isabelle Lafleche. 4/5 stars.
24. The Abolitionist’s daughter by Diane. C. McPhail. 1/5 stars.
25. The Risk of Us by Rachel Howard. 5/5 stars.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? 😀

This bookdragon is happy!

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Some days ago i made myself an account on NetGallery and i was very nervous and not sure i’d get approved for any books there. But i wanted to give it a go, you know? I just got approved from a request there c: So i am grinning from ear to ear haha! I’m not going to tell you just yet what book. you’ll see that when the review comes c:
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