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I have been gone from my blog for a very long time. I know. Shame on me. Sorry.
But the excuse is, even as lame as it sounds i havent been in the mood to write anything – i have regularly updated some reviews and my reading updates at goodreads though, so theres that. But i want to wite more stuff here too. I am not sure if i should include anything else than reviews? I do reviews of ARCs (advanced readers copy) and my own books. Do you guys have any suggestions to what i should write about? it would be much appriciated! i will put my thinking cap on as well!


ARC: Love at the spectrum

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I requested this at netgalley, because i wanted to see what thus authors take on autism, love and life in general was like. I was a bit sceptical, because i’ve requested so many books i’ve had high hopes for and they just let me down, again and again.

But i am getting ahead of myself. I think i really fell for the book because i see some of myself in Hervè, i hate calling unknown people and i hate it when people call me, espesially when it’s people or numbers i don’t know. It just makes my stomach ache, I also can’t stand lateness in myself or others, so cancelling makes me frustrated or change. I’d rather come superearly rather than late, because i worry about so many factors there, honestly. But, this is not about me – this is about the book.

We follow Hervè and get to see how he was when he was young, how he is now – how he meet Luc, we also get to know Luc and how he is and what life he’s had. This is a story about two men finding each other in sort of impossible circumstances and fall in love with each other and share their lives together. Hervè and Luc has their own struggles and we see how it affect the both of them, and that love is strong no matter what, and i loved every page and seriously wish there where more!

As a added plus, the writing were easy and the flow was so good! I didn’t have a hard time connection with the characters and took an instant like to them.

Seriously, read it!
I gave it 5 stars, and i’d love to give it 5.million. ❤

Review: Eliza and her Monsters

Eliza and Her Monsters

Don’t you know, there’s monsters in the sea.

Aw man, it’s over! I really want to go back and re-read it right away, it had so much feels, so much heart and soul. Books that love, end up becomming a part of me and this one did also, that. When i got into it, i had no expetations, i didn’t even know what i could find when starting the pages. But i was sort-a- hooked on page 1, i kept reading whenever i could even how tired i was. And that must say something!

Honestly all the characters in their own way, made me feel so much. But i think, i felt and connected most with Eliza, sometimes life gets hard and one might feel guilty for feeling those things and feel like one is letting down so many people…and asking for help, or trying to get help is a big step. I loved the Monsterous Sea art, i’d love for it to become a real comic i could read one day, because honestly i’m a fan, maybe not like Wallace and maybe not like Eliza who’s the mother of this fandom – because i don’t think i can reach up to that level, or maybe i can? But, not just about the mental health issue that the author brought up, to be apart of a fandom, to make things to talk about fandom and it’s society .. Also familiy, how sort of diverce the families was, how they acted, thought – it make them seem real, yes there were some problems on the way, but in what familiy isin’t? And Wallace, he’s so adorable and sweet, i just want to pack him in a blanket and give him hot coca and pats on the head. i could ramble on and on about the book, but i think i’ll stop now.

My point is this: I loved the book with all my heart ❤

Review: Love from A to Z


This was honestly beautiful,funny, sad and heartbreaking on so many levels.
I understood and possibly related alot to the the two main characters. Zayneb because of her anger, her frustration and hurt – because she did not want to be silenced. She wanted to be heard, to matter. She wanted not to let the injustice go unnoticed, she wanted something to be done.
I related alot to Adam, because of his fright for telling about the MS, for hurting his familiy – for what it would mean when he put it into words, and also for his loneliness and that he too is strong-willed and despite everything that is happening, he dosen’t give up. He finds a way to smile.

I felt so much for and with the characters, i was angry together with Zayneb, i was frustrated and sad with Adam, together with his familiy. I cried together with Zayneb’s aunt and mother. I growled when in a simple place like the swimming pool Zayneb was shown to be treated badly. And to be honest, i wanted to throw my book into the wall when reading about Mr.Fencer – if it was me, i would have voiced my opinion too, i would have walked out.

Marvel and Oddities... I think, i saw that this was the former name for the book and i think, maybe it should have been that, because of their journals and scribles about alot of the marvel and oddities in the world. I loved those parts alot also.

I gave it 5 stars at Goodreads.

ARC: Skin Hunter #1


Wow. People say this is a book that is basically The Hunger games meets Avatar. I can agree on THG but i haven’t watched nor read Avatar so i don’t know about it. But, this book. Wow! I was hooked at once, it sucked me in by basically the first page. i don’t often compare books to each other because every book is unique, but i see what they mean.

I requested this at Netgalley because it sounded so incredible and cool and i was so right. It was packed with action every page and honestly, the only bad thing i have to say about it is? GIVE ME NR 2. I can’t wait! haha, i know shocking isin’t it. It was just, incredible and how the author described and explained, i could feel Milla’s thoughts, actions, it was like i was in the room watching her, watching it all happend. I don’t want to spoil too much. But i see the Hunger games aspect, though it is not a rip off, where the Avatar comes in, i don’t know – but maybe it dose? I found it exciting, packed with action and excitement. It had slight of a romance-kind of thing in, but it might or might not be more of it in the second book, but i liked romance and hope of more of it! But the human get into their skin aka animal or animal-mixed was a new thing to me. I haven’t read anything like it, as far as i know. But this is fight for survival, for your familiy, for yourself. I was shocked when they had taxes for second born children, wich seem high and you have to work for it, where you live. Both that and food, and if you have anything that anybody wants they might kill you for it and not even look back. Those who often steal and kill are called Sharks, fitting isin’t it? as we get to know «Old Triton» the place, and all that. Get’a-s’orta underwater vibe, when it is on and.

I’m not going to write anything more, but read it read it!

Watch out Director Morelle, Milla is coming back.
For you, for her skin.
I hope, she’ll also find Cale.

ARC: Going Dutch

// Edelweiss+

(This also stands on my GR Page)

Hard HARD Pass.
This was just a pain to read. I’ve seen some reviews who loves it and some who don’t. For me this book had an okay writing style so it was pretty easy to follow, and that was technically the only thing i liked about it.

What i didn’t like about it? The Main character Richard goes around complainging and sulking because yes the dates dosen’t go that well, he gets a writers block ect ect and that life isin’t fair. But he complains all the time! And when friends tries to talk to him about what goes on in his life, he attacks – wordly so. Then get upset because they try to care and try to figure out why he’s not in a good mood. I’m sorry, if one don’t want to talk about it, fine. Don’t. But don’t attack ones who want to help you! Though, when Patrick hopes he’s not bisexual i didn’t like him either, because what dose that matter if he was? or is?

And it dosen’t stop there, Enter Anne, friend, work.buddy and one-sided with being in love with him. He’s gay, but still she’s in love with him and dosen’t seem to care about the tiny fact that he’s gay. And she’s needy, and oddly so – and when he dosen’t respond she basically acts as a girlfriend a very needy one who demmands to know what happends ect. Richard dose this thing where he leads her on, knowing how she is – or maybe he don’t see it? But sleeping with someone you don’t love or have romantic feelings for ? He gave Anne hope were there was none..

And Blake, his lover-boyfriend ish. Tried to give him so many chances even though Richard didn’t deserve so with all the move in thing, lying ect. Blake tried to make their future bright and Richard kind of… didn’t? Sometimes very few times, it was light and happy… and then…. not. Richard didn’t treat him good.

I honestly don’t understand why Anne kind of «took him back.» But that’s me.

I just ugh, NO. i gave it 1/5 stars.

ARC: Prom-Wrecked

5 stars c:

“This can’t be happening. I’m Cursed. I’m the Albus Severus Potter of the muggle world” – Riley Hart.

I liked Riley and Cathrine a lot, and the change between them was also pretty fun. Though I kind of found myself shipping Riley with Owen rather than Cathrine, don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with Cat at all. I just thought they’d be cute together. Anyway, this was a very fun and easy read, I was cheering for them to get their morp I – mean Prom! Hehe :p  all the way, and honestly I could’nt put the book down and had to see it through all the way. But then Jordon came in, and I shipped him and Cat so hard. I made internal squeals of happiness. It was just adorable, funny and cute – honestly a perfect read!

Review: A brief chronicles of another stupid heartbreak

// Edelweiss+

I keep wondering if my expectations were too high for this one? I had hope for lots of laughs, some raging and sadness. But I felt kind of empty? I had hoped this would be awesome and I would not want to put it down, but when it hit the 50%’s mark I was not really… interested anymore? The whole book felt meh, and Lu who comes obsessed with a couple who’s ending? – sort of. Just…idk, I didn’t care about it at all. Plus, sometimes she moped around Leo, but not that much anyhow? and there was Pete who were slightly interesting. But I don’t know? I craved more? I skimmed the rest half, just because I’m a stubborn one, who wanted to see the book through at the end.  Sadly, the book wasn’t for me. I couldn’t connect nor care for any of the characters in the book. Cal seemed overly romantic, which would have been fine – if he wasn’t so “perfect” especially in Lu’s eyes, I guess? I just ended up giving it 1 star, because….in the end, I were both confused and bored.

Taking a break

As you guys must have noticed, i haven’t been writing any weekly update or reviews since 4th of august. And i have been extremely tired and had anoxious days. So i’m going to take a break from the blog.

So, i don’t know yet when i might make another review, but don’t worry. i’ll be back 🙂