The Reading Rush: Day 7

Sadly i read basically nothing for this day. I read some at One The Come Up plus some ARCs. But it was too hot and i’m not feeling too good right now. So that was how it is.
But, i managed to get these badges:
Read a book with purple on the cover – City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Read a book in the same spot the entire time – I’m fine and neither are you by Camille Pagàn (read it in the couch)
Read a five star book – Leah on the offbeat by Becky Allberati
Read a book you ment to read last year – Leah on the offbeat – By Becky Allberati
Posted a reading rush picture – check out bookgeek95 c:
Read over 1000 pages: I ended up reading 1220 pages.

So, i’m happy nontheless!

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