Dewey’s 24h Readathon: Part 1 (02AM-14PM)

Mind you, i haven’t done this readathon before, but this is just an update on thoughts and books i read and other things i do. Might add pages and if i finish the books and whatnot.

02:00 AM Start time
Woho, start time for me! I kind of wishes it wasn’t so late. But, oh well! I don’t have a particular tbr, i’m just taking what i feel and want to read. I’m going to read Highway to Heaven or in norwegian «Livet, Motorsykler og andre umilige prosjekter» Wich i could’nt find in english or norwegian at GR. but i just added the swedish version.

04:00 AM – Finished with a book
I’ve finished with Highway to Heaven, wich i ended up rated 2 stars. So, meh. The cats are going a little crazy atm haha. Decided to start Carry on by Rainbow Rowell, this is a re-read for me but just in time for the soon to be next release! ❤

05:00 AM – Sleep calls!
I’m heading to bed now, my eyes are too heavy to read more.

05:30 AM – 14:00 PM
I ended up tossing and turning and not having the greatest of night, tossing and turning so sleep did not come easily and that put a dent in my readathon.

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