ARC: The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

// Goodreads

* i got this E-ARC in exhange for a honest review at Edelweiss+ *
TW: Anixeity, panic attacks, Spiders (?) 

Evie is such a relatable character when it comes to mentalh health and i love her relationship with Caleb. Sometimes they were just dummies who really needed to get smacked in the head but that was because they did not see what we saw (Leo, Bex, Caleb`s mom, Brian… ect ect – you get the gist.) I must admit i did not understand half of the phsycic thing, but that was alright it did not stop me from enjoying this cute book to the fullest.This book was beautiful, a bit heartbreaking – espesially how strained Evie and her mom`s relationship was – but i am glad that they got to an understanding in the end. I also loved that Bex was very true to herself and worked up the courage to talk to her parents, to really open up about what she wanted. Caleb was such a cutie, but sometimes i felt like he did Leo dirty, but i guess jealousy can do that to people. But Leo was also taken into concideration for his feelings, Evie did not string him along when she figured out what – i mean who she actually wanted – who she had in her heart. But he also helped her see things, being her first boyfriend. I kind of hope we`ll see more of Bex and Leo in the future? Maybe they can get their own book? that would have been nice!

Have you read it? if so what do you think?

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